Email Marketing Doesn’t Have to Be Scary Says Mailchimp Exec

On the occasion of launching a slew of updates to Mailchimp, Ramon Ray, publisher of spoke with Jenny Gibson, senior product manager at Intuit Mailchimp. See the Mailchimp product announcement here. Jenny shared that for business owners new to marketing, it’s ok to take baby steps. Learn as you go along.

Customer Journeys

Mailchimp is updating its journey features. Journeys enable you to have “intelligence” built into your marketing.

For example, if “Melissa” opens an email then send her a coupon.

Once she opens the coupon, send her an email asking if she wants to attend a webinar.

If she clicks, “yes” to attend the webinar, then schedule a call with her after the webinar to see how it went.

It’s things like that you can do with journeys.

You don’t have to start your journey from scratch, says Jenny, but Mailchimp has 75 templates you can choose from, to get you started.


Mailchimp continues to update and innovate its campaigns. Using the power of personalization, you can make customers feel special. Ther merge is not just for a person’s name. But merge also works with products. Imagine telling Melissa, “Hey Melissa, thanks for ordering a red sweater last week, would you like red socks”

The power of campaigns and merge fields will increase your orders by bringing hyper-personalization into each email with dynamic content.

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Writing Assistance

Sometimes you sit down to write, and you’re not sure what to write. Mailchimp has integrated more generative AI into its products to help you write easier, better, and faster. You can get promoted on what to write through the Mailchimp editor.

Baby Steps

Most importantly, said Jenny, especially for new customers – take baby steps. Don’t try to be an email marketing or e-commerce expert on day one.

Start small and grow.

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