Chat GPT Competitor Is Doing Fine Says Jasper Exec. Don’t Panic

Jasper uses Open AI and other language learning modules to power its AI. With Sam Altman now at Microsoft and governance worries about Open AI, Jasper was smart to address its customers and re-assure them. If your business is relying on “new” technology its important to understand who’s powering that technology and who they are dependent on. Here’s an email that went to Jasper customers, like myself, from their CEO, Timothy Young.

Here’s what Timothy Writes

Over the last few days, the board of directors at OpenAI made a decision to change the organization’s leadership. You may be wondering what this change in direction means for Jasper, as OpenAI is one of our model providers, so we wanted to reach out. To put it clearly: Jasper is not affected by the change in leadership at OpenAI.

OpenAI is just one of a wide range of models used by Jasper.

Timothy Young, Jasper CEO

We designed Jasper to have interoperability across a diversity of models because doing so gives our customers better outputs, faster evolution, and greater reliability in their AI. Should there ever be a problem with one of our models, we’re able to quickly switch our mix and preserve continuity of service. It’s one of the many reasons using an end-to-end copilot as opposed to relying on an LLM directly is beneficial for companies.

Jasper has high-levels of security built in.

In addition to having interoperability across models, it’s worth underscoring that Jasper is SOC2 compliant and does not permit our customers’ data to be used in training underlying LLM models. We’ve received no alerts regarding security, but given the change in leadership at OpenAI, we wanted to once again underscore our highest of security standards. Jasper has a dedicated security team in charge of monitoring the security of our copilot and protecting your data.

I hope these two reminders about your service with Jasper help ease any concerns that the leadership changes at OpenAI may have raised. We don’t have all the information related to this situation as it is still developing, but rest assured we will keep you in the loop via this channel as the context we have on OpenAI’s decision grows. There is no action you need to take. Should you have any questions about your Jasper account, don’t hesitate to reach out to your dedicated account manager.

We are so grateful to have you as a customer. Safety, reliability, and responsible use are at the core of how we build Jasper and will continue to be our beacons in the service we provide to you.


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