Freedom Is Not Free.

Freedom - flag

Welcome to July 4th, the day Americans celebrate America’s Independence from the tyrannical rule of Britain.

As I think about July 4th, beyond the hot dogs and barbecues and time at the park, I fear there’s an assault on our freedoms.

Freedom, to me, means that I have the freedom to think, do, move, and speak as I wish.

This also means even though I might not like how others move or speak, others have that same freedom.


Increasingly due to power-hungry activists, many of our freedoms and rights are being curtailed. Or individuals are being unfairly canceled.

Some people want to share *green beans with the world. Others hate (or don’t like) green beans and don’t want green beans to be shared.

Others, want everyone to accept green beans, but then others feel that green beans are harmful to society.

(*green beans are any idea or way of life)


We’re in a war. A war of ideas, politics, morality – take your pic.

Some corporate brands, led by politically active leaders, and pushed by activists are waging a variety of political and moral wars of ideas.

Many corporate brands really don’t care about morality.

However, they want good ratings or adoration from organizations that rate them on their political or moral stance.

Media/Hollywood, school systems; and other pillars of power are waging a war of ideas or navigating the crossfire of the war of ideas.


Let’s take a minute to pause. Just for a minute.

Yes, some things you might not be able to support. At your CORE it’s highly offensive or wrong.

However, no matter how we feel, can we take the time to at least be kinder, more caring, and more empathetic to others?

Can we take a moment to LISTEN to the point of view of someone else?

Shall we embrace someone else (literally), possibly still disagree with them, but not hate them?

Can we figure out a way to live together in peace?

Maybe we can come to a place where you’re able to live and practice your beliefs. Where I can do the same and we both can live in peace and enjoy FREEDOM.

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