Success Is an Inside Job (Five Cs To Help You Find Your Purpose)

Life is lived from the inside out!

What is Success, and how do we attain it?

One definition of success is the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. Often, we become paralyzed by fear that stops us in our tracks—fear of the unknown. Most times, fear is often masked by procrastination and indecision. In turn, procrastination and indecision are the thieves of the journey that God has for us. So, are you struggling with your next step? 

Sometimes, we think we must have all the answers before we take our first step. But in reality, life is a marathon and not a sprint. Along the way, we receive the inner guidance we need to take that first, second, and third step, maybe the 1000th! 

Outline: Short Story | Where True Success Comes From | 5 Cs For Finding Purpose | Final Thoughts

Here’s a Short Story:

In my life, I have lived many new beginnings, as I call them. I was very blessed to have my purpose revealed to me years ago when I was a young woman. It was in 1976, and I needed a car and an income very badly. 

To make a long story short, I was introduced to Tupperware as a sales consultant. The recruiter told me that managers received Ford LTD Station Wagons —The Car! I wasn’t interested in selling plastic bowls. I was a beautiful fashion biz girl. My goal was the car and an opportunity for an income. Within six months, I was a manager and had my car.

The point of sharing this is not that I got the car. But that, the job helped in revealing my purpose to me. As I was building my unit, the Megaphones, I realized that I was helping others identify their dreams, goals, and desires and assisting them in attaining them. I realized that was my purpose. A true gift!

In June 2020, I sold a portion of my “Award Winning” Luxury Day and Medical Spa Business. I have been building this business since 2004. During those 16 years, I assisted many in identifying their dreams and goals and helped them to attain them.

Several years before, I knew it was time for a new beginning. In March 2020, I was approached by a party wanting to know if I wanted to sell my business. I knew it was time to downsize and change my course. 

After I sold the spa business, I knew the world was open to me to create a new beginning, something new. But I didn’t know what? The world was in a major challenge and flux. I have lived through many personal pandemics of sorts. Indeed, I knew this too shall pass, and I would evolve with it one more time – I just needed to stay in my purpose, and the next step would be revealed to me.

Where Does True Success Come From?

Today, we often equate a successful life with financial success.  Financial balance is important. However, “money doesn’t buy you happiness, but being broke doesn’t either.” True success comes from knowing your why and your purpose. Work in it, and your financial success will be there.

My Five Non-negotiable Cs For Finding Purpose

Finding your purpose is one of the keys to getting the best out of life. Here are my five Non-Negotiables that will help you to identify your purpose:

  • Clarity 
  • Courage 
  • Confidence 
  • Commitment 
  • Compassion
  1. Clarity: Clarity leads to power! Be clear about the things you want to achieve. A confused mind says no. The lack of clarity keeps you in a state of procrastination and indecision.
  1. Courage: Once you understand your why and purpose, you will take that first step. At first, it will be a tiny step but take it. It will build your courage muscles and confirm that you’re on the path that God has created for you.
  1. Confidence: It is in the knowingness, built over time, that you will have the confidence to continue on and on and on!
  1. Commitment: Nothing can stop you if you choose what you want to become. That doesn’t mean there won’t be difficulties or forks on the road. But now, you know you can continue with your purpose. Your north star!
  1. Compassion: Having compassion for yourself is vital in your journey. Sometimes you get off the path, even off the road, but God’s unending grace is always available! And you will need to embrace self-forgiveness.

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Final Thoughts

Finally, look within yourself, and ask, seek and knock in prayer and meditation. Learn to listen. God is always speaking to us. 

Remember, true success is an inside job!

Be Blessed,

Megan DiMartino

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