Submit Your Expert Tip for Ramon’s Show “Rundown with Ramon” streaming on USA Today

Please read carefully and then submit using the butotn below!

I’m looking to high light experts who are experts in their field with a good public brand.

Experts are invited to:

      • Send tips with good quality video – good lighting, good audio, good background. “Good enough for TV”

      • These spots should be 5 to 7min or so in length

      • They should be really engaging and informative, not putting someone to sleep

      • They should be crystal clear about a specific topic

      • You should absolutely self promote yourself in the segment but artfully and nicely – classy

      • It must be in 16:9 ratio, if you don’t know what that is just Google it.

      • It can be existing video you’ve already produced that you have 100% full permission to use and submit however you wish.
      • NO Green screen – or if it is a green screen it should not look like a green screen
      • High quality – non grainy video

    Why is this an opportunity?

    You get some added publicity and a new logo added to your credibility list.

    Who is the audience?

    I’m looking for topics of interest to small business owners and entrepreneurs who are at or going over $100k in revenue.

    They’re still in the hustle of entrepreneurship and looking for tips and strategies to grow.

    They could be at $2 million or more in revenue, but often they’re the smaller size of small business.

    Topics we love?

    Money. Mindset. Marketing. Personal development. Are some broad categories.

    Here’s a SAMPLE of how your script – video could go

    Hey I’m Janice Crodweller, I’m going to share with you 5 Ways you can use Facebook Advertising better in your business.

    For the last 87 years I’ve been using Facebook Advertising to generate $7 in revenue for my customers.

    Tip one….

    Tip two…

    Well I hope that helps. Feel free to connect with me at ABC Company – LINK etc