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AWS re: Inforce 2024

June 10 - June 12

Build Your Cloud Security Fortress at AWS re:Inforce 2024



Feeling overwhelmed by the security landscape?

Worried about integrating generative AI securely into your cloud environment?

Look no further than AWS re:Inforce 2024, a one-of-a-kind event designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills to fortify your cloud security posture.



What is AWS re:Inforce?


AWS re:Inforce is an immersive learning experience specifically tailored for the generative AI era.

It’s an invaluable opportunity for security professionals at all levels to hone their skills, connect with industry experts, and stay ahead of the curve.


Why Attend AWS re:Inforce 2024?


Master the Latest Advancements.

Explore security topics like generative AI, automated reasoning, cryptography, and fostering a culture of security. Learn what you need to know to secure the future of your organization.


Actionable Insights for All Roles.

Whether you’re a security engineer, architect, CISO, CTO, or business decision-maker, AWS re: Inforce has something for you. Gain practical knowledge, expert guidance, and solutions tailored to your specific role and responsibilities.


Deep Dives for Technical Professionals.

Engage in learning sessions designed to help you build and integrate security best practices throughout your organization. Sharpen your technical skills and become a security champion.


Connect with the AWS Experts.

Network with the architects behind AWS’s robust security solutions. Build valuable relationships and gain insights from the industry leaders shaping cloud security.


Learn from AWS Customers.

Share experiences and glean valuable insights from other organizations on their security journeys. Discover innovative approaches to securing your cloud environment.


A Focus on Generative AI Security:


In today’s rapidly changing landscape, securely implementing generative AI is a critical concern.

At AWS re:Inforce 2024, you’ll find a dedicated focus on this emerging technology:


Technical Training for Secure AI Deployment.

Learn best practices for deploying and securing generative AI within your AWS cloud environment. Equip yourself with the knowledge to harness the power of AI responsibly.

AWS Leader Insights.

Hear directly from AWS thought leaders about how generative AI is influencing the future of cloud security. Gain a deeper understanding of this transformative technology’s impact.

Connect with AI Security Partners.

Network with leading partners who can help you scale your efforts in securing generative AI and ensure its safe and responsible application within your organization.


Don’t miss this opportunity to elevate your cloud security game!


Register for AWS re:Inforce 2024 and build an impenetrable security fortress for your organization.


June 10
June 12


Amazon Web Services, Inc.


Philadelphia, PA