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Tips on How to Improve Customer Service

Customer service is your secret weapon in the competitive startup landscape. In fact, Salesforce report says, 96% of customers accept that excellent customer service helps a brand build trust and

What Happens When Employees Are Not Engaged

Every business strives for excellence. Therefore, being a business owner, you must have clear understanding of the dynamics of employee engagement within your organization. There’s no doubt that engagement at

Featured Image: Are Digital Business Cards Popular

Are Digital Business Cards Popular?

Digital business cards are becoming a big deal. Imagine swapping your contact details with just a click or a tap. No more losing paper cards or typing in numbers. People


Are Digital Business Cards Worth It?

Digital business cards are modern, contactless ways to share your professional details virtually. Instead of fumbling with paper cards, you simply tap or scan to exchange information. Their use is

12 Signs of Low Employee Engagement

Low employee engagement can be detrimental to any organization. It leads to decreased productivity, low morale, and high turnover rates. Recognizing the signs early is crucial for taking corrective measures.

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