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Breakfast with Champions

Breakfast with Champions – 9 Nov 2022

Understanding and Overcoming Self-Sabotage – Cherlene Wilson

As champions, we can excel in some areas while lacking in others. This week, Charlene was speaking to a friend, and he asked her the question, “Do you think that you give men an opportunity to become your best friends, or do you try to put them in zones immediately?”. For context, Charlene shared that some time ago she created three “zones” for the men she met in her life. She came up with this framework to help navigate her relationships with men, but also to protect her heart. 

The framework was the result of sexual harassment she experienced at the age of 14. Growing up, she healed from the trauma and at some point managed to confront the person who put her through this. But it wasn’t until a friend asked her this question that she realized it was the trauma manifesting itself in creating “zones” to protect herself from experiencing pain again. She realized that this was a construct she created for herself that didn’t allow a friendship to develop and blossom organically. So when her friend asked her that question, he helped her identify a blind spot. 

As an emotional coach, Cherlene thought she had already arrived there and healed from the trauma. But we are human beings and sometimes when we are in a battle, we get wounded. The next day, Charlene felt depleted because she was processing that conversation. She told herself that she needed to be a hypocrite to match the energy of the room she was supposed to speak in that day. And as champions, we need to make sure that we are being authentic with ourselves first in order to be authentic with the people around us.

Sometimes some of us try to fake vulnerability. We are really good actors if we want to be, but we need to check our hearts. Putting on a facade all the time can be exhausting. We assume that the facade is helping us speed up the process of growth, but it’s actually holding us down. By creating a framework of “zones” for herself, Cherlene was trying to control the outcome of a friendship rather than allow it to blossom organically. 

We need to be mindful of who it is that we are speaking to and ask ourselves, “Do they have the tools to handle our vulnerability?”. The truth is, not everyone around us is capable of holding our vulnerability. It takes time to recognise people who you can be vulnerable with in your life. 

Key Points/Highlights: 

  • We must become aware of who has the ability to hold our vulnerability. 
  • If we constantly put on a front, we will eventually become exhausted.
  • As champions, we must first ensure that we are honest with ourselves.

You can inbox Cherlene on Instagram, schedule a call, or chat with her here.

Reset Your Life and Rewrite Your Story – Glenn Lundy

Glenn met Danelle at the Growth Conference in March and was mind blown by her passion, her persistence, and her story. Danelle is an entrepreneur and a people-lover. She trains entrepreneurs on how to scale their businesses and how to monetize their skills. She thinks that most people undervalue their skills and talents and don’t use them enough. 

Danelle knows this from her personal experience. She once signed zero sales after attending around 60 meetings. But she kept trying, and because of her perseverance, the next month she made her first big sale. Soon, she found out she wanted to train people and that she was good at it. That’s how she started figuring out how to build influence, and as she did that, she only invited the top speakers to come speak at her events. 

Thereafter Danelle started an online event called the “Influencer Circle”, where she taught people how she managed to build this influence and how she became friends with all these people. She shared how to get Grant Cardone to come to her event; she had to get his attention. So she read his book, started following him, and at some point, when he did a giveaway for a 5-minute coaching call, she won. During the call, he gave her invaluable advice, which she implemented, and in four months she had her first six-figure income.

If you feel your gut telling you something, that’s your instinct telling you that feeling is meant to be real. And if you deny what your gut tells you, only things get  worse. When we grow up in a certain way, we are defined by our experiences. We need to reset our life and alter our mindset to be able to rewrite our story . When something bad happens, decide to do something good with that experience. 

Ask yourself, “Why do you build skills and training if you are not using them?”. How dare you waste your life? Instead of living with doubt, fear, and anger, decide to live with joy, fire, and ambition. The first hour of your day should be devoted to getting yourself healthy and strong. After you wake up every day, write down ten things you are grateful for and listen to an audiobook. This way, you are immediately tuning your brain towards the right intention. We can change a lot of the world’s problems if we just change the way we start our day.

Key Points/Highlights:

  • Reverse everything you know. 
  • Fill your mind with your truth and get rid of the doubt, fear, and anger.
  • Why do you build all these skills and knowledge if you are not using them?
  • When you wake up, write down ten things you are grateful for and turn on an audiobook. 
  • We can change a lot of the world’s problems if we just change the way we start our day.

Why You Need To Find Your Work-Life Flow – Bill Hauser

Many people think God-given energy is something we are born with. In reality, people have to cultivate that energy, and one area of your life that can drain that energy is your work. Try to think of the butterfly effect. When you see a problem in one area of your life, other areas of your life might be the cause of the trouble. So if you have a problem in one area of your life, ask yourself what’s going on in another area of your life that might be causing the problem. If the way that you are working conflicts with your work-life flow, then a symptom is going to pop up at some point. 

Part of the problem is that the majority of people don’t know their personality type. The skills that you have in your personality are like fuel tanks. The Kolbe score has 4 fuel tanks: Fact Finder, Follow Thru, Quickstart, and Implementer. 

Fact Finder is about how much information you need to make a decision. If you are a poor Fact Finder and spend too much time fact-finding, it will wear you down. Follow Thru is about how good you are at creating a coordination system. Someone with a low Follow Thru score is going to burn out if they have to structure a process from start to finish, while someone with a high Follow Thru score will thrive while doing it. Quickstart is the ability to deal with risk and uncertainty. That is the trait of a visionary. But if you thrive in risky and uncertain situations and live a predictable life, you will burn out from the predictability in your life. Implementor score refers to the ability to assemble things in the physical universe. Someone with a low Implementor score tends to be great at visualizing solutions, but not good at doing it. On the other hand, someone who has a high Implementor score tends to be good at implementing the solution. 

All of this is important because once you start understanding and embracing other people’s personality types, instead of getting frustrated when someone operates differently than you, your efficiency and productivity goes up. 

If you optimize your days around feeling good, you will be wealthier, healthier, and happier. This is hard because there are so many comparisons around you. Why would you compare yourself to how other people appear to you while they are working? Warren Buffet runs his days with no schedule at all, while detail-oriented people like Bill Gates run their days with schedules that are communicated months in advance. So it’s not someone’s habits that make them a billionaire; it’s the act of embracing the way they work that helped them get to that point. 

We have to not only embrace our personality but also what’s needed to progress further. The traits that got you where you currently are not the traits that get you to the next level. Work on eliminating the traits which conflict with your personality. Sometimes, it takes more courage to step back than it does to step forward. This is the hardest lesson in leadership. 

We spend the majority of our lives believing that there is a distinction between work and life balance. But there is no line. The way you work will spill over to the way you live life, and vice versa. 

Key Points/Highlights:

  • The way you feel at the end of your work day is the biggest thing that is going to have an impact on the actions you take in your life.
  • Starting today, start thinking about how each thing you do during the day makes you feel. 
  • If something you do makes you feel drained, chances are it’s conflicting with your natural personality traits. 
  • If you optimize your days around feeling good, you will be wealthier, healthier, and happier.
  • There is no line between our personal and professional lives. It’s interconnected.

 The Decoding of You Happens in Daily Gestures – Amilya Antonetti

There is so much power in understanding how you show up in different situations because the decoding of your behavior happens in daily gestures. Changing the way we engage and communicate with others is much more important than making grand gestures every six months or so. This is fundamental to understanding the new relationship happening between an employer and an employee. If you are an employer, the more you understand your “shoulds” and “should nots,” the better your chances to cultivate positive connections. 

Leadership is in the details. It’s amazing how many employers don’t know who their team’s value drivers are. This is a real challenge because it is where the disconnect stems from. In team meetings, for example, some people need to be noisy while others are quiet. So, when you put a group of people together in a meeting without understanding how each of them controls the situation, that’s when a meeting becomes a waste of time for everyone. 

When you are in a leadership position, you have to create different modalities of connection for the different types of people you are working with. This way, you enable each one of them to reach you. There are three types of learners: auditory, physical, and kinesthetic. You have to create different types of events so different types of learners can come to meet you and lean in. 

It’s important to be committed to your main areas of focus. If your best friend called you and told you they are throwing a birthday party for their husband in 6 months and you say, “I want to be there,” instead of, “I’m committed to being there,” it’s like you are saying, “I want to be there, but…” When you are committed, you have a plan for how to achieve the thing you are committed to.

It’s the same with the word “quit.” It’s meaningless unless there is power behind it. You can only quit once, but you can stop doing things over and over again. This is the difference in the mindset of your subconscious. The minute you set a goal, your subconscious is already working on all the justifications in case you fail. It takes 21 days until the subconscious becomes aware of a behavioral change and 66 days until it becomes the go-to habit. 

Most people rely on willpower when it comes to changing a habit. But the way our subconscious works means that willpower is useless. Willpower is not a tool and will consistently make you quit. You need to create a system for yourself that is going to guide you through the areas that are going to be challenging in the process of changing. There are some things you cannot work on, but someone else can.This is where the community comes in.  

Key Points/Highlights:

  • Daily gestures, not grand gestures, are used to decode your behavior.
  • Leadership is in the details.
  • If you put a group of people together in a meeting without understanding how each of them controls the situation, that’s when a meeting becomes a waste of time.
  • The majority of people rely on willpower when it comes to changing a habit, but willpower is useless.
  • You need to create a system for yourself that is going to guide you through the challenging areas.

Find Your Purpose Through Him And Your Business Will Thrive – Tamra Andres

Last week, the Grow Your Business for God’s Sake Conference in Nashville, TN, was a smash hit full of inspirational speakers. This conference connects business owners of like minds and faith to help push businesses to the next level. 

Betina shares her experience at the For God’s Sake Conference: “I had already fallen in love with Grow Your Business for God’s Sake. I came into the BWC room one day and listened to Tamra speak of her faith. I could feel the godly word dripping from her, and I just had to go to the conference. I knew I wanted to be there. The room was bursting with power, and the faith felt like “oil” dripping and flowing from everyone. No one was afraid or ashamed to admit that God was in their business.” 

We can feel lost, anxious, and depressed when disconnected from our faith. God wants us to succeed in our purpose. You bring integrity and authenticity to your business by bringing Him to it, providing the world with your purpose. We become static in our lives without a purpose to drive us. 

We’ve all been found. God found each of us. The fact that you have been found, loved, and have a purpose as designed by Him is a precursor to who you are. You are a child of God. He is who you belong to. When you surrender to this, you step into your purpose. You can bring wealth to your business from your purpose because your faith shines and others are drawn to you.

Pastor Anthony Heart says, “I had a sermon in mind for the last day of the conference, and God wrecked it. Maybe it was meant for today. It is a powerful word that business owners need to hear. What are you trying to do? If you are trying to acquire money, you are chasing the wrong thing. God gave you the power to get wealth. The question is, how does He want you to get wealth? What does He want you to do with this power he has given you? God does not want you to make money. He wants you to use your power to change lives, help other people, and bring God to others. When you get in the flow of the Holy Spirit, God is moving. That is the problem: God never stopped moving; we did. God is here, waiting for you to say yes and move with him.” 

“Networthing” is a concept spoken about at the conference that helps others realize that everyone has something of value to share. You may be a spectator at the conference, but someone needs to hear your story. Someone is waiting on you to help them. Everyone has something of value.

You can pre-order your tickets for Next year’s Grow Your Business for God’s Sake now. The location will be released later this year. 

Key Points/Highlights:

  • When you bring Him into your life, you can find your purpose. Bringing your purpose to your business will allow you to unlock opportunities to connect with others and grow. 
  • Networthing – everyone has value. You have value. Find what others need from you and share your value with others. 
  • We all have the power to find wealth, but what is wealth? Determine what’s the value of your business outside of the dollar and focus efforts to achieve real value.

Growth During the Recession: Not Just Possible but Probable – Alexa D’agostino

Champions are persistent and driven. They look at failure differently than others. While many businesses lose momentum due to the recession, a Champion will not. Failure is an opportunity to grow and learn. Each failure only pushes you toward success faster. The recession can be the perfect time to start or grow your business; however, you must make the correct moves to find success. 

While all the competition is hibernating through the hard times, champions push ahead and invest in each moment to succeed, even in economically challenging times. So even though we are in a recession and things will get worse, don’t hibernate. Face the challenge head-on. 

If you want to run a successful business in uncertain times, several vital steps must be taken.

  1. You have to shift your tactics and strategy. You can’t approach your target audience the same way as you would during economically prosperous times. 
  2. You have to be consistent. Your business will do well regardless of the economic landscape if you are consistent. 
  3. Take advantage of social media. There are always excuses for people not using social media in their business. People say that their market is oversaturated or that their ad-spend is too high. However, there is always a workaround. It is a mistake to avoid social media in today’s market. 
  4. Understand Facebook algorithms. Many people complain that Facebook doesn’t work anymore. It works. Facebook has altered its algorithms, so businesses need to shift their Facebook strategy. You must know what you are doing to get results on Facebook. 
  5. Have multiple lead sources. With the economy struggling, you need three or four types of leads to reach potential customers. And your targeting tactics have to shift. In a recession, people think, “Save money, save time, save resources,” so you have to find a way to reach customers by “saving” them something. 

How do you build a business in a recession? The key lies in marketing. Marketing tells people what they need and where to find it. As a business owner, you are solving a problem for your customers. Good marketing will bring customers with that problem to you, so you can fix it for them. During a recession, you should be doubling down on your marketing efforts. Your competition will not be increasing marketing. This is when you need to find the thing that works in your marketing strategies and focus on it. 

Doubling down does not mean spending more money. What this means is that you should double your efforts in your business and in yourself. Show your confidence in your skills, services, and yourself. 

Be proactive and build your brand now. Make sure to show yourself in your brand. This shows confidence in your product and allows customers to connect with you. Pump out content, and lean in on social media. Show your audience that you are proud of yourself and your business. 

When you present yourself to your audience, your confidence will help build momentum. One of the best ways to grow on social media is to tell your stories. Your content should be focused on you and your story. Everything you make can be found online. People can always Google anything. What distinguishes you and your content (and makes it marketable) is YOUR story and the credibility it provides.

Check out Dr. Alexa D’agostino’s free master-class on November 14th for more on growing your business during the recession. 

Key Points/Highlights:

  • Growing your business during a recession is not impossible. Your competition is most likely not moving forward, so it allows you to grow even larger. 
  • Marketing efforts during a recession should be doubled. Don’t confuse effort with money.
  • Sales funnels must be tight. Every lead counts. Always have three to four sales leads during the recession to maximize growth. 
  • In a recession, your audience will be focused on things that help them “save.” 
  • Stories are how you connect with your audience. Don’t be afraid to share yours!

Your Inner Circle Can Make or Break You: Build Better Relationships to Rise to Success – Lisa Copeland

The recession is not the time to stop. Just because the recession hits doesn’t mean you should duck your head in the sand and wait for it to blow over. The only way to keep the momentum going is by rising above the recession and pushing on. Champions always rise, even through the hard times. There are always external factors that bring challenges to everyone’s life and business. Still, true winners don’t quit; they don’t know how to. 

As times get hard, relationships are critical. Your inner circle, or the people you surround yourself with, can either be an asset or the thing that tears you down. This is why it is critical to understand relationships in both business and personal life. 

It all begins with determining the purpose of your relationships. Ask yourself, “How are you connected through concepts or ideas? How are you relevant to each other?” The answers to these questions change depending on the nature of the relationship. How you connect with family, for example, differs from how you connect with business partners.

Most people find that their relationship with friends or family is to create memories, experiences, a legacy, love, and comfort. These relationships have little room for business, but that’s okay. If your personal relationships are not interested in the day-to-day mechanisms of your business, focus on business topics with business relationships. Let your personal relationships grow by sticking to the things that connect you, i.e., love, comfort, and building memories. 

Your business relationships should not be for the purpose of comfort. Your business relationships should be focused on expanding and growing your business. This group of people is where you can celebrate the big wins and support each other with business struggles. 

When you know the purpose of your relationships, you can understand what you get from each relationship. Then you can understand the role of those people in your life. Are you a partner to that person, a customer, a coach, a mother, a daughter, or a sister? Play your role and watch your relationships grow. You can be better supported through solid relationships. When your relationships are strong, you will continue to rise through business challenges and thrive even in a recessive economy. 

Key Points/Highlights:

  • Champions rise, even through the hard times. They don’t know how to quit. 
  • You are only as strong as the people in your inner circle. 
  • Strong relationships are built by understanding the purpose of your relationships. 
  • Champions continue to run toward the challenge.

Breathe Into Your Better Self – Hayley Hobson and Jen Broyles

Jen Broyles joins Hayley Hobson to talk about the power of breathwork and how proper breathing can change your life. Ten years ago, Jen suffered from gut issues, leading to other health issues. At this time, Jen worked as a pharmaceutical sales representative and did not know about alternative holistic medicine. When her doctor advised her to take long-term antibiotics, Jen refused. There had to be something more she could do. So Jen started looking for other options. After learning more about nutrition and the holistic approach to medicine, she decided to go back to school and become a coach to help others suffering from similar issues. 

A few years later, she realized that people would experience significant health benefits but then reach a plateau. This was when she realized she and her clients were not getting to the “root” of their issues. Their bodies’ mental, emotional, and spiritual spaces were being overlooked. 

Emotions are energy. The body will trap energy that is not expelled. People often suffer from the physical effects of forcing emotional trauma and negative feelings down and not expressing them. Breathwork focuses on the psychological and emotional sides of healing. 

So what is breathwork? Our bodies breathe for us unconsciously, but at some point in life, we stop breathing correctly. Our breath becomes hijacked by stress and forces us to breathe inconsistently. Breathwork is the practice of conscious breathing. 

There are two types of breathwork: 

  • Deep meditative breathwork experiences that elevate your consciousness to a new level.
  • Simple awareness of your breath and mindful breathing. 

Daily practice:

  1. Start your day with five to ten minutes of conscious breathing in the morning.
  2. Breathe in and out for a count of four. If you want to boost energy, you can breathe in faster, but always breathe consciously, in through the nose, and out through the mouth.
  3. Practice slow breathing at night before bed when you want to relax and calm your mind.
  4. Extend the duration of your exhalation.
  5. Breathe in for 2 counts and exhale for 4 counts, for five to ten minutes before bed. 

You can also add breath-holds, either in between breaths or at the end of the exhale. 

The physical, mental, and emotional benefits of breathwork:

  • Enhanced creativity and cognitive ability
  • Improves problem solving
  • Improves brain function
  • Purifies the bloodstream and immune system.
  • Stimulates nervous system
  • Eliminates depression and traumas.
  • Reprograms the mind with empowering beliefs and habits.
  • Sets intentions and focuses energy on goals.
  • Helps you discover your true authentic self and your deepest inner calling.

Key Points/Highlights:

  • Breathwork can help enhance your physical, mental, and emotional presence so you can be your best self. 
  • Breathwork is used to heal any emotional trauma trapped in your body.
  • You can check out more breathwork techniques on Jen’s YouTube channel

Hayley Hobson shares her Health Hack guide at