Breakfast with Champions

Breakfast with Champions – 8 Nov 2022

Champions Take Action – Do You Agree? Get Up, Get Out And Vote – TM Hyman

The Voting Rights Act of 1965 informs the world about our right to vote. But more than a right, it is proof and a reminder that people fought a good fight for us to have the right to vote. Therefore, more than a right, it is your responsibility as a Champion to take action – use your voice and do it early. 

If you don’t like what is happening or the way something is happening, you have to RAISE YOUR VOICE against it! You have the right to your thoughts, opinions, and ideas, but a vote for your thoughts will make them heard.

Besides, the poll is where you meet and connect with new people – people you would not have met otherwise. Don’t forget that Champions do not pass up a chance to connect or network with new people. The poll is where you can meet people and talk about something non-political. 

One thing TM and several other people have learned is that you can’t really know people until you have a conversation with them. Not only is it bad to judge people from afar, but it is also easy to make assumptions based on race, appearance, or even first impressions. Contempt without prior investigation seems like an easy path, but it is not the path to peace. Get to know who they really are; don’t judge based on rumors. 

We often hold biased points of view and make assumptions about many things, and this bias often stems from bad programming. This is why you have to intentionally renew your mindset. Get out there and talk to people. Connect with people on the poll when you go to cast your vote. 

If you don’t vote, you’ll remain a statistic. Taking action gives you a certain level of control. When you refuse to take action at any point in your life, not just voting, you allow someone else to take your place. But more than just speaking up, speak up early!

Key Points/Highlights:

  • You cannot truly know people until you talk to them.
  • Do not judge a book by its cover. Most times, you’ll be wrong.
  • You cannot complain if you are not a part of the process.
  • You have the power to change what you don’t want to see when you vote.
  • If you vote as you have always voted, you will get what you have always gotten.

Yell for yourself and not for anyone else! – Glenn Lundy

Glenn, the founder of Breakfast With Champions (BWC), interviewed Ed Mylett, an influencer, businessman, and author with an estimated $410 million net worth. Mr. Mylett grew up in baseball-obsessed Diamond Bar, California, and is a friend of the late Kobe Bryant. Ed has the following advice for us:

Make discipline your driver, your reason for being where you are, and the reason to not give up anytime soon. The ability to be your own boss and to teach and caution yourself against something makes you a true leader. 

Be grateful for your opportunities. It is easy to look down on yourself, and hate who you see when you look in the mirror. But if you can stop being selfish, and stop thinking about yourself alone, you will see just how incredible your life truly is. 

Sometimes, it is not about your awards or achievements. Yes, those matter, but most times, people get inspired by your appreciation for life. Live every moment till your dying breath. Time is precious; you need to be grateful for the things you have and stop lamenting about what you lack in your life.

When it comes to being a leader, you need to ensure that you aren’t just talking about your achievements but also working on them. It is easy to become a talker and not a doer, so act consistently. Don’t always ask your workers to do things for you. Do them and show them how to do them in their way. A good leader allows people to rise to their standards. 

When it comes to relationships, the rule is “Frequency + Proximity = Infinity.” Exaggerated use of technology and social media decreases the frequency of time you spend with people around you. This, in turn, decreases your proximity with them and affects your power to influence.  

The following are some words of wisdom from Ed Mylett:

  1. Your life will never exceed your identity. So be consistent with the identity you wish to be remembered for.
  2. No matter the external setting, only the internal environment (who you say you are) determines your life. 
  3. Remain grateful all the time
  4. Work on your inner energy; it is shaped by who you surround yourself with. 
  5. Yell for yourself and not for anyone else!

Key Points/Highlights:

  • Sometimes, you win not because of that bad attitude but despite it.
  • The key to being a better leader is impulse control. Great leaders create responsibly; weak leaders fly off the handle.
  • When you start to succeed, don’t lose sight of how it affects your family. Make it a point to spend time with your loved ones regularly.
  • Be thankful that you have one more shot at life.

Identity Drives You To Your Purpose: Get Out And Vote For Yourself. – Steve Eugene Kuhn

Identity drives you to your purpose. You can’t call yourself a champion without fully understanding who you are or realizing your identity. But remember that your identity is not a reflection of your past, nor is it determined by how you feel right now. As a champion, you know better than to stay in the past, playing the victim.

It is okay – and honestly common – to look in the mirror and not like the image you see. It happens to the majority of us. But a positive mindset is what makes the difference. Use that image to make yourself more ambitious. 

True leadership starts with you, not your employees, partners, or environment, but with you. You need to know and own your identity. Know your purpose, and let that purpose amplify your identity even further. Ask yourself why you are so far from where you want to be. Then, instead of beating yourself up, take action!

The key is getting up to vote. But who are you voting for? The answer is YOU. Stop making excuses and complaining. You would only be able to make a difference in the world if you weren’t pulled down and back by every obstacle in your path. You must work on your identity through self-awareness and self-understanding before setting out to change the world around you. 

Take note of the following things today:

  1. Today is your day if you want to make it count. Drop any excuse and take action. 
  2. You can talk yourself into joy. 
  3. If you don’t learn from your mistakes, you won’t get where you want to be. 
  4. If you are interested in embracing your destiny; your true identity, and raising your vibration, join the soul summit with Steve Kuhn and many other inspiring leaders on 11th November, 2022. 

Key Points/Highlights:

  • Give freely, with no expectations. Focus on what you can control, which is your intention to add value.
  • The kind of people you spend that time with and the frequency with which you meet them will affect your mindset and self-worth a great deal.
  • Until you know your identity, you can’t fulfill your purpose.
  • Nobody but yourself can impede your progress.
  • Everyone is unique, and until you understand that you are different in your own way, you will miss out on so much fun and opportunity in life.

Breaking Down The Sales Process Into 5 Fundamental Steps – David Hill

Sales are everywhere. Everything that happens in the world around us has sales involved in it. Why then do so many people avoid talking about sales or try to stay away from it? Here’s the problem with sales: If you are selling something to someone who doesn’t need it, then yes, sales are a bad thing. But real sales is about helping people. We sell by serving people, asking them hard questions, figuring out what their problems are, and solving them. There is a 5-step process that can help anyone understand sales on a deeper level:

  1. A strong greeting. Your greeting needs to put the person you are talking to at ease. How do you do that? By using positive language, being concise, and giving them information that is going to benefit them. 
  2. Good fact-finding. Fact-finding is about figuring out how we can solve the potential buyer’s problems. We do that by asking hard, deep questions, because this is how we build trust. 
  3. A presentation and/or a demo. Everything that you discovered during the fact-finding process must be in your demo or presentation. 
  4. Close. In order to close a deal, you need to believe in your product, be confident in what you are doing, and always have a written offer. 
  5. Follow-up. Did you know that only 48% of all salespeople follow up more than once? It takes 5-12 attempts to close a sale, but only half of all salespeople will ever call more than once. So there is a huge opportunity here. 

The final thing you need to do is be prepared. 7 out of 10 times, you’ll get the same 7 objections, and you have to be prepared for them. 

Before closing the session, David shared that there is an upcoming 2-day workshop on increasing your sales. You can find out more about it at If you are interested, message him today, and he will give you $500 off the full price. 

Key Points/Highlights:

  • You must use a strong greeting that puts the person at ease.
  • Ask hard questions, because this is how you build trust. 
  • Everything discovered during the fact-finding phase must be included in the demo.
  • The only way you can sell is to be confident in what you are doing. 

You can find more information about the 2-day workshop on increasing sales at If you message David today, he will give you $500 off.

Rewrite Your Abundance Story: How to Move from Middle-Class Mindset to Abundance Mindset – Michael Zeller

Politics is a game of power and fear, but we have a lot of reasons to focus on hope and inspiration. However, it is hard to be in the spirit of abundance when you are in the spirit of fear, shame, or apathy. In order to step into a higher level of consciousness and rewrite our own abundance story, we need to understand our current energy level. That is why Michael talked us through the map of consciousness invented by Dr. David Hawkins, which shows the spectrum of energy levels. 

Moving from the very bottom of the map to the top, the levels of consciousness are shame, guilt, apathy, grief, fear, desire, anger, pride, courage, neutrality, willingness, acceptance, reason, love, joy, peace, and enlightenment. What would your life look like if your consciousness reflected love, peace, and joy? 

When it comes to breaking habits and negative ways of being, we need to start by interrupting the pattern. Our mindset can get us stuck in a loop or a pattern. Therefore, we need to interrupt the pattern and look for a new path. All of this should come from a place of love. On that note, Rhonda Williams shared that the challenge facing leaders often is that many of them tend to operate at lower frequencies. They want to be in an aspirational state, but they can’t because they have lost it. The way to get out of this state is to find a way to dream and reconnect with the emotions surrounding that dream. 

Michael agreed and added that right now we are in a low vibrational state as a country. He is working on a 16-page worksheet that goes through the steps to rewriting your abundance story (DM him “Money” to get the full sheet). It all starts with asking yourself some key questions, including:

  • What was your family’s relationship with money as you were growing up? 
  • What were your unconscious beliefs about money, and how were these obtained? 
  • What traumas or wounds are you experiencing when it comes to money?
  • What unconscious agreements have you made about money?

He also explains the middle-class mindset versus the abundance mindset. For example, the middle-class mindset tends to trade time for money, while the abundance mindset leverages assets and talent on a larger scale. The middle-class mindset also tries to avoid failure at all costs, while the abundance mindset embraces failure. 

It is equally important to understand the connection between mindset and self-talk. How do you talk about money? Do you speak of it as if it doesn’t like you? Do you see yourself as plentiful? Are you filled with love, joy, and peace? And are you inviting people to those higher levels? Remember that when we give to others, we step into the river of abundance.

Key Points/Highlights:

  • Mapping your consciousness will help you figure out where you are so you can take mindful steps toward your higher self.
  • Ask yourself, “What would my life look like if my consciousness reflected love, peace, and joy?”
  • If you want to break negative habits and ways of being, start by interrupting the pattern.
  • When we give to others, we step into the river of abundance.

Moving From a State of Confusion and Uncertainty To a State of Stability and Success – Mike “C-Roc” Ciorrocco

When it comes to leveling up, the place we need to start from is ourselves. Putting yourself first will radiate energy, imagery, and an attitude that will let other people be helped as well. People watch other people justify their own failure, and you have to refuse to be part of that. We need to make sure we understand where we are in our lives. We need to acknowledge it, accept it, and then act upon it. C-Roc studied successful people and noticed that they always assess where they are. That is why it’s important to understand the different conditions of being that define what you are doing to yourself and to other people. These are the conditions, ranging from lowest to highest:

  • Confusion
  • Treason
  • Enemy
  • Doubt
  • Liability
  • Non-existence
  • Danger
  • Emergency
  • Normal
  • Affluent
  • Power change
  • Power

The truth is, most of us live in the “non-existence” condition. However, there are formulas that we can use to move from a lower state of self to a higher one. The 4-step formula for moving from the state of “non-existence” to “normal” is:

1. Find a way to communicate with people. 

2. Make yourself known to those people. 

3. Discover what they need, want, or what challenges they might be facing. 

4. Do, produce, and/or present it.

Even when you start a business and begin monetizing, you need to continue that pattern and keep providing more value than you are taking. 

Once you start doing these steps, you get to a “normal” phase of life. This is the state where you are productive in all aspects of your life. There is a 4-formula for this condition as well:

  1. Don’t change anything. When something is not working, instead of changing it, go forward with what’s working.
  2. Do not try to install or change any of your ethics. If everything is working, just keep doing what you are doing. 
  3. Every time you notice that something gets better, figure out what you did to get the increase, and then do more of it. 
  4. Every time your statistics drop slightly, quickly find out why and fix it. 

Key Points/Highlights:

  • When you have to give up something you love, you might think the change is permanent, but it’s not.
  • When you put yourself first, you radiate energy, imagery, and an attitude that helps other people as well.
  • If you follow the Non-Existence Formula, you will get to a “normal” condition where you will see a positive change in every aspect of your life.
  • You can register for the live call with C-Roc on “The Real Money in e-Learning” at

Overcoming The Lows of Life with Experience – Tyrone Poole

Life is like a roller coaster; everyone tells you only about the highs, but no one talks about the lows. Everyone tells you about the good stuff in their life, but nobody discusses the downside. People are going to tell you that they are successful, but the lows of life have made them what they are today. The student is only as good as the information that the teacher gives out. And the information is only as good as the experience that the teacher has been exposed to.

The lows of life prepare you for the highs of life. There are people who went swimming for the first time, had a bad experience, and never went swimming again. Those who fall off the horse and never get back on are not fighters; those who fall off the horse and get back on again and again are the real heroes. You should think about what you can do to make your experience better. 

People who don’t give up are the ones who matter, not the ones who have shining armor yet don’t fight. You have to overcome obstacles to achieve something in life. What you become in the future is in your hands; you just have to keep pushing.

Teamwork makes the dream work. Everyone is looking to get to the next level of ultimate success. Learn to delegate and empower your team if you wish to succeed.

Key Points/Highlights: 

How to get back on the horse after repeatedly falling off:

  • You need to know how to give yourself CPR. 

You have to know how to revive yourself. You have to be consistent. You have to overcome all the hurdles and be consistent. 

  • You need to develop perseverance.

You have to be persistent in doing something despite the difficulty. Just because you are

delayed doesn’t mean you are denied. Rome wasn’t built in a day. 

  • You need to be resilient.

You need to have the capacity to recover quickly from failure. Get over it and move on to the next best thing.

  • Don’t compare yourself to other people.

People love to tell you it didn’t work for them. You’re not them, and they’re not you. Don’t compare yourself to anyone. 

  • Don’t indulge in self-criticism

Stop criticizing yourself. Realize what your special gifts are. You’re not tapping into your special gifts because you are too busy criticizing yourself.

Turning Your Superpower Into A Steady Stream of Income – Michelle McLain

Many people struggle with the “why” and “how.” The truth is, the “how” becomes the easy part  when you figure out the “why.” People often wonder how to figure out what their superpower is. When you are able to fix your focus, your level of commitment improves. Your life will hold far more meaning when you know your “why” and realize your purpose. Purpose plays a huge part in your success and failure. 

If you are talking down to yourself, you cannot expect people to see great potential in you. When you’re confident about your superpower, you’re more likely to attract people, places, and things that make you successful. 

Here are 7 suggestions for turning your superpower into a revenue stream:

  1. It starts with you; begin with self

The way that you look at yourself when you see yourself in the mirror makes a difference. A negative self-image repels success. Recognizing what makes you unique is the first step toward monetizing your superpower.

  1. You have to figure out what you love.

What is that one thing that you love doing and won’t mind monetizing? People fear that they won’t be successful at something they haven’t tried before. You can be successful at anything you put time into. Sometimes it’s as simple as stepping out of your comfort zone. 

  1. Identify what you’re good at.

You can’t be good at everything. You can have a passion, but if you don’t have the skills, it won’t matter. You need to hone your skills. Train and educate yourself. Even the best people in the world have coaches. You need to be really good at something you are passionate about to make it a successful business. A goal without a plan is just a wish. Ask yourself what you can do today to get closer to your goals. 

  1. Take action and start getting the word out.

Procrastination is one of the main reasons why businesses fail. Take action. Write down things you can do today and get them done. 

  1. Audit your circle.

If you have people around you who bring you down, you have to leave them behind. You don’t have time for negativity. Ask yourself if the people around you bring toxicity into your life, and leave them if they do. 

  1. Audit your time.

Think about what you are doing with your time. Do you spend time being productive or procrastinating? You have to fix your unproductive patterns related to time. When you’re honest with your time, you can figure out what sets you back. 

Do you have a routine? You need to have enough rest to work properly. Figure out what you need and start taking action. Spend every single minute of your day with purpose. 

  1. Have faith.

You need to have faith, it’s what’s going to keep you afloat during adverse situations. You need something to believe in that’s bigger than you. 

Key Points/Highlights:

  • Passion is not something that can be taught.
  • 4 key elements for figuring out what your superpower is: Your passion, mission, vocation, and profession. Passion + talent × taking action × people that can help you to get to the next level.
  • It takes 21 days to create a new habit, and 90 days to make a lifestyle change.
  • You deserve to live an unapologetic life.

Judy Jernudd and Collin Drummond with guest Bobby Del Rio

It’s amazing what we can achieve with a change in our mindset. Nothing is all glitz and glamor. People who keep hustling and refuse to give up are the ones who stick around. 

It’s never too late to learn about new technology. Many people have started learning about blockchain and crypto. Blockchain technology is set to change the world forever. The entire global financial system will transform. All the banks in the world are likely to implement blockchain strategies. 

We’re about to witness the fastest way that money can be transacted – a precedent amount of money traveling at an unprecedented speed. Every business is going to change forever. You need to start doing the work needed to understand blockchain. 

Key Points/Highlights:

  • It takes some time to build your brand and your name.
  • There is no such thing as overnight success. It’s really like decades of hustle.
  • Be ready for an opportunity.
  • Take advantage of opportunity when it knocks.
  • Don’t say you can do something you can’t.

 Clear is Kind, Unclear is Unkind –  Sally Colon & Amilya Antonetti

We set boundaries so that we can teach others how to treat us. It’s not a punishment; it’s an act of self-love. The most important relationship you have is the one with yourself. We need to prioritize protecting ourselves from anything that disrupts our peace. This isn’t being selfish; it’s being kind to ourselves and respecting ourselves enough to say, “This isn’t healthy for me, and I’m not engaging.” 

You can give yourself permission to say no. That doesn’t mean you don’t care about other people or their happiness. You’re allowed to have healthy boundaries even if people don’t understand or are disappointed. Your time and energy are precious, and you get to choose how you spend them. 

When you set boundaries, you are recognizing what you need and asking for it. It’s also a way to protect our mental and emotional health. Boundaries are the foundation of our serenity; we are only as serene as our boundaries are strong. 

Boundaries are a lifelong journey. Part of growth is learning, doing, learning, and re-doing. We honor ourselves by setting boundaries within our relationships that feel out of balance to us or are just plain toxic. Learning to be okay with the discomfort of saying no gives you permission to be who you want to be rather than who you think someone else needs or wants you to be. 

Key Points/Highlights:

  • You can’t get what you want if you don’t define that journey with the people who are going to be involved.
  • People don’t set boundaries because of the fear of loss. We have an innate need to belong, so we accept the minimum from the people around us because we’d rather have the minimum than nothing at all.
  • Until you comprehend your standards, you’ll be incapable of establishing boundaries.
  • In reality, setting expectations in relationships is a recipe for constant disappointment.
  • Do you bring value to the people in your life, and do they bring value to you?

Vote On Yourself and Make Your Dreams Come True – Aurea McGarry

Have you ever taken the time to consider what it is about you that makes you special or different? What sets you apart so that you are the one that people want to buy from?

There is no other YOU; you’re the only one who can do what you were put on this earth to do. It doesn’t matter if there are 10 people on the same stage who can solve the same problem; there is only one of you that can offer what you have to bring to the table. 

Make a list of all the things that make you unique. Think about what you bring to the table. What is your unique story? Maybe it’s your life experience or your personality type, or maybe it’s specific certifications that you have. But at the end of the day, you have to be confident in what you bring to the table; otherwise, how do you expect other people to be confident enough in you to invest in you and what you are trying to market or sell? Profit from being you because there is no other you. There is no excuse as to why you can’t believe in your dreams and put them into action.

Key Points/Highlights: 

  • Show up, be you, and let your voice be heard.
  • Put yourself where you see yourself.
  • The nudge of fear is usually an indicator that you’re on the right path.
  • Embrace the discomfort of just doing things.