Breakfast with Champions

Breakfast with Champions – 7 Nov 2022

The Gift of Desperation –  Tina Wilson

They call it the gift of desperation: until you get sick and tired of your own lack of initiative, nothing will change. That’s when you have to decide to dig your feet in and push through the discomfort. Whether it’s personal growth or healing, being successful or growing your business, you have to want it badly enough to set out to achieve it. 

In this segment, Tina discussed her 5 key takeaways from the Grow Your Business for God’s Sake event in Nashville: 

  1. Your identity precedes your destiny. If you want to live in abundance, it starts here. You have to change how you think, who you’re around, and what you’re doing.
  2. Pour into you. Are you really solid in your foundation and happy with who you are? Be confident in who you are and what you believe in.
  3. Everyone experiences adversity; what will you make of it?
  4. You have to be desperate. Why do you want to be successful? What is your purpose? Get out of bed and stop making excuses.
  5. Change from within; be rooted in everything you do.

We all make choices daily that can either keep us stuck where we are now or help us take the steps towards creating the life we were made for and the life we deserve. Nothing changes if we don’t change anything. Growth, in every aspect, is one of the hardest things to create. It requires slowing down, digging deep, and really looking inward. It requires looking at your own choices and actions that are causing you to stay stagnant in your life or in your business and changing the order of things in order to grow.

Bullet points : 

  • Love is a currency. Sometimes it isn’t about trying to see what you can get; it’s about seeing how we can get love to do what it needs to do. 
  • Leadership is about helping to guide, cultivate, and inspire others. You often hear that leadership is a lonely place, but true leaders are not lonely because they bring people along with them.
  • We need to collaborate; we can’t do everything on our own.

Support Tina’s mission The “Mally” Gaines Sneaker Drive in honor of her late son by donating sneakers to Nigeria:

Honoring Our Veterans and the Hero Within – Glenn Lundy

When #RiseandGrind launched “Blessing Bags” 3 years ago, 10-year-old Annaliese Miller took on the mission and raised over $2,500 by selling lemonade and cookies, with all profits going towards “blessing bags” for veterans and heroes in need.

This morning, Glenn shared a Facebook Live conversation that he had with Annaliese. Even though Annaliese wasn’t really personally affected by a veteran, when she found out that sometimes when they come home from serving, they end up homeless on the streets, she knew she wanted to help in some way. She shared how veterans have always stood out to her because they have already suffered and sacrificed so much by protecting and saving our lives; they shouldn’t have to come home to suffer more. 

Annaliese and her family alone filled 55-60 bags with various things, such as sleeping bags, tarps, and non-perishable food items. But she not only raised money and filled her own bags, but she also took it a step further and went out and delivered the bags to the veterans herself. She heard so many of their stories about how they want to turn their lives around but don’t have the education or the strength to do so. 

Annaliese is a prime example of a higher power being at play. She didn’t have people in her ear telling her to help veterans; she was called to do this. Now Annaliese is raising money for the 2022 Hero Run, a race she is doing in honor of her dad, who passed away over the summer. She shared how her dad always helped others and made such a big impact on people’s lives that she wants to carry on his legacy and do the same. The race takes place Saturday, November 19, and you can donate here to help her raise money to reach her goal of $50,000. 

Bullet points :

  • Veterans Day is Friday, November 11, but it’s not a seasonal event – it’s a lifetime event to celebrate and honor veterans and their families.
  • Don’t just donate money; give your time.
  • Everyone just wants to be seen. Giving someone the gift of being seen and heard is the greatest gift we can give.
  • We all need to be able to share our stories.
  • But for the grace of God, go I. Be grateful and practice empathy.

If We Don’t Go Within, Then We Will Do Without – Dr Tanji Brewer

We are the medicine that we seek. We live in a culture that romanticizes the notion of constant hustle. This idea that if we’re not constantly “doing,” then we’re doing something wrong. We are constantly reaching for the next thing, but all it does is stop us from seeing what’s meant for us right now. It prevents us from feeling what we need to feel right now, and from learning what we need to learn right now.

Most of us are living in a constant state of disconnect. When we disconnect from who we, there’s a tension between right here and the idealized state or self. We feel the need to consume something outside of ourselves to gain fulfillment, but never find it because there is always something new to obtain. But maybe the act of loving ourselves is as simple as taking a breath to regulate our nervous system and come back to the present moment.

Here’s the medicine we need: meditate. It’s important to take the time to center yourself, and spare intentional moments to nurture your body, your thoughts, and ultimately you. Meditation and deep breathing are two of the strongest self-healing tools for the body, and the benefits are numerous. When you tune into the quality of your breath, it calms your nervous system and increases your life force. All the calm and serenity you could ever want can be discovered with your breath. In this moment lives your peace. In this moment, you can let go of every negative thought and every negative word that you’ve been holding on to. In this moment, you can absorb the truth: you are the craftsman of your own joy and peace.

Bullet points :

  • Say yes to the present moment; the peace is yours for the taking.
  • There is nothing lacking for you to be who you are meant to be, but you have to go within.
  • Whatever we think about, we bring into our lives. Our thoughts begin to plant trees in our minds, and they harvest something amazing. What are you going to harvest today?
  • We can create a new mind and a new sense of self at any given time.
  • If you want to absorb more, you must train your brain and control your thoughts. Once you are able to do that, you will be able to control other things in your life.
  • We teach our bodies how to control themselves and build muscle during workouts. It’s the same with the mind – it must be intentional.

The Power of Community – Alexander Gonzalez, Marcus Black

Last week, Alexander met the founder of Spread the Cheer USA, an organization that raises money to help families in need. In April 2023, they are hosting an award ceremony for influencers committed to spreading positivity. Only one member of the BWC community has been nominated, and he already has 65k votes. That person is Marcus Black. Marcus has been committed to spreading positivity for a long time. Which brings up the question: Does the way you have chosen to live your life promise a significant impact to others? When someone thinks of positivity and hope, do they think of you?

Marcus shared that he received the news around a time when he felt down and wondered if he should continue serving others the way he does. That is why the news felt like a resounding confirmation from God that he is on the right path. However, it’s not the award but its purpose that he truly cares about. For families in need, the funds that the organization brings are a literal lifeline. 

When you want to grow, the world will pull you down. That is why Marcus reminds himself every day that he has committed to spreading joy, love, and cheer and has surrounded himself with mentors who remind him of that when he feels lost. So, if you want to scale your business and grow as an individual, you need to stay focused and surround yourself with like-minded people who will remind you every day why you are doing what you have chosen to do. 

During the second half of the session, Alexander asked members to share a story of how Marcus has touched their lives, influenced them, or made them smile. Linell recalled a time when Marcus’ son was in pain, and despite suffering with him, Marcus stood his ground and continued to show up. Marcus shared that back then his son was in excruciating pain and his own heart was broken. He even asked God, “Why have you forsaken me?”. But through prayer, he realized that not only had God not forsaken him but that he also felt the pain along with him. 

Nancy shared how Marcus helped her find her true purpose, and she thanked him from the bottom of her heart. Tamra thanked Marcus for being a fearless leader and a passionate follower of Christ who always stands his ground. Other members also shared their belief that Marcus is the epitome of joy, and that through his work, he has touched the hearts of every single person in the room. 

Alexander thanked everyone for honoring Marcus and reminded us that there are a few days left to support him. We can also donate to the organization. By doing so, we are not only helping Marcus get extra votes but also supporting families in need. That is precisely what the entire event is about, and 100% of the money goes to spread cheer for the families that feel cheerless.

Bullet points :

  • Stay focused and surround yourself with like-minded people who will remind you of your “why”.
  • You can still support Marcus by voting for him at
  • If you choose to donate, you are not just helping Marcus get extra votes but also helping families in need.
  • 100% of the money collected through the ticket sale and voting goes to families in need.

A Time For Reflection – Christina Howard

What a great event Grow Your Business For God’s Sake was! Christina’s plane was canceled so she used this opportunity to rest and reflect. One big reflection she shared was about Ron Carpenter Ministries and how it has been a big influence in her life. Since COVID she has not been able to return to her local church because she attends Ron Carpenter’s services. She feels nourished by the services, so she chooses to continue to attend virtually.  

Tamara shared what a blessing Christina was during the conference. Christina was the armor bearer. Christina goes above and beyond to serve the people around her. God sees her and loves her. God sees you and honors you. The biggest moment for Tamara was when she heard the advice to stop standing on the shoulders of giants, as what we want to achieve hasn’t been achieved yet. See what God has for you to do, and follow his lead. Tamara also shared all the blessings she witnessed and how they impacted her. Businesses were kickstarted. People were enlightened to their purpose. Fourteen people were baptized. There was a marriage proposal on the rooftop. Take the energy sent to you, embrace it, learn from it, and follow it.

Marcus reflected on how God orchestrated the whole conference. He was overwhelmed by the smiles and all the people coming together as family. Speakers poured their hearts out. You need to be in the building to see the magic. While Marcus was there to pour into others, he left filled with inspiration and love. 

When you go to conferences like this, you get to form relationships that are so fulfilling. You meet so many amazing people who are there for the same reason as you, and you experience things that you may not get to experience alone. It was an amazing experience for all who attended. 

Bullet points :

  • God has a blueprint for you, so follow his lead.
  • Grab your mat and bring it with you to your destination.
  • Everything of value starts from within.
  • Get yourself to events like this so you can meet and grow with others.

The World Does Not Owe You Understanding – Dre Baldwin

The definition of “understanding” is “being sympathetically aware of other people’s feelings; being tolerant, and forgiving”. Understanding is not a bad thing. You can be understanding, tolerant and forgiving. However, the world does not owe you this. You are not entitled to it. It is a privilege, not a right. 

Nobody cares about your situation. You may have people in your life that genuinely care, like your mom, grandma, children, and significant others, but they are few. People only care about how your situation personally affects them. When you owe the bank money, do they care about your situation? No, they just want their money. They don’t care what you have going on in your life. “WIIFM” stands for “What’s in it for Me”? When you produce results, that is when people will care. 

People only care about the results you produce. They may not like you and may not agree with you. They only care about what you are doing for them. What results are you producing? Dre used Lebron James as an example. Lebron only signed one-year contracts because he bet on himself. He was betting on himself because he knew he was going to produce, so he knew he would get more contracts. He was able to set his own price and his own terms because he was able to get results from his performance. Everything is about the results. When you produce value, you can dictate your price to the world.

Nobody cares about your feelings, they only care about results. You get paid for the results. The definition of wealth is creating what people want and turning it into money. If you have the right answer to the wrong question, people will pay for the answers. Figure out who you want to serve, what results they want, and how you can help them achieve them. When you can figure this out, perform consistently, and produce the results, you will be able to create wealth. 

Dre is conducting a two-day event, Get a Bulletproof Mindset And Operate Your Business With A Full-Proof System, on 3-4 February.  He will discuss mindset, strategy, systems, and execution for you and your business. The link to register is here.

Bullet points :

  • Nobody really cares about your situation, but what results you can create for them.
  • Today’s world has really done so many people a disservice by assuming that their feelings and emotions matter more than performance or results.
  • Life is a result-based business. Be result-driven.
  • Scale up your performance, meet deadlines, and achieve your goals.
  • Focus on the outcomes of your daily activities.

Human Connection And Automation In Business – Barbara Majeski

It’s no news the level of bots and systems put in place to make work easy. Companies use the automation process to lessen their workload. There is nothing wrong with automation because you can’t be all things to all people at the same time, but if you think automation is everything, you are wrong.

This world is about balance. When there is a lack of balance between human connection and automation in business, it will eventually fall, even if not outright. People should be careful what they choose to automate so as not to lose the human touch in their businesses. Businesses deal with real people, and owners of these businesses should take a careful stance regarding what should be automated and what requires a human touch.

Barbara also discussed the importance of challenging yourself. The more you challenge yourself, the more likely you are to achieve your goals. There are no shortcuts to making good things. Invest in yourself now to avoid having to pay dearly for it later. Information doesn’t lead to transformation; action does.

Getting a personal trainer, coach, or mentor will help you achieve those seemingly unattainable goals. Also, learn to declutter your brain to be able to handle your emotions better. 

Strategies that will help you face your challenges:

  1. The power of the pen: You are in a better place to face your challenges when you write them down. This helps bring out your creative side and also helps you achieve at least 40% of your goals.
  2. Schedule it: Scheduling helps you determine your game plan and act toward it.
  3. Share your schedule with someone else. This will help you achieve your goals because there is someone to inspire, push, and teach you. 

Bullet points : 

  • If your goals don’t scare you, they are not big enough.
  • You can only achieve success if you are willing to put in the effort.
  • There is nobody around you right now who does what you do better than you. Know it, believe it, and act on it.
  • Get a mentor who inspires you, coaches you, and pushes you.
  • Never lose connection with people you wish to help.

Don’t Hide Behind Low Quality Content – Super Mario

Social Media offers us the ability to share content powerfully. But the big question is: what content can you create? Super Mario shares his strategy for creating your best content and sharing it with the world. When you want to be a “content creator,” you need to consider these four main things: 

  1. Determine what your goals are. What are you trying to accomplish?
  2. Understand the problems standing in the way of your goals. What is going to prevent you from reaching your goal? 
  3. Create your action plan. How will you solve your problems to achieve your goals? Think of your internal beliefs and the external factors that could stop you. 
  4. Execute your action plan. This is where you start to create your content. The content comes from you executing your action plan, which can then be shared with others so they can achieve their goals. 

Good content results from knowing what is the solution to the problem you wish to solve. Only then can you share your story, so that others can benefit from your content. Share the story of how your life was impacted by the product you created. Other people can also share their stories of how your content impacted them. As more people connect with you and your brand, they will share their stories bringing you more credibility and growing your audience. 

Starting at zero followers is never comforting, but everyone has to start somewhere. Social media is the best way to share your story and content, but everyone starts from zero. When starting with a small audience, you can experiment with your brand and content. You can fine-tune your content and create the best “freebie” or lead magnet for your audience.

When it comes to the “freebie,” many people struggle with whether they should share their best content. The answer is YES. Always share your best template. There are four reasons you want to share your best template. 

  1. There will be a group of people that immediately connect with your content and connect with YOU. They will want to return to you for more because you have created something they want.
  2. Some people will not enjoy the content and choose to avoid getting more. This is a good thing because it shows that they are not your target audience.
  3. There will also be a group of people who need some time to digest your content. These people will break it apart and test it out to ensure they want to work with it and YOU. They may take longer to appreciate it, but they will come back.
  4. The final group of people will use it and see success, but they won’t work with you. They will decide they don’t need more from you but will enjoy the product. These people will still recommend you and your content.

The Future of Twitter and How to Enhance Your Growing Business – Matt McHale

Twitter: How can we use unique social media platforms like Twitter offers to help your business? Twitter has always been one of the best platforms for interaction. Elon Musk has been talking more about the changes coming to Twitter, and the big question is: Is it too much? Only time will tell whether these things will stick around, but as a new business owner, if these things work, they could be a game changer for you. 

What features does Twitter offer, and how can you use it?

  • Retweet: The ability to retweet other tweets is an easy way to get in on the conversation without taking too much time for content creation. 
  • Quote a Tweet: When you retweet, you can add your own comment or question, turning it into a “quote.” This is also a great way to join a conversation without needing to build a ton of content. 
  • Tags: Tagging people in tweets has been around for a long time. However, it is still a fantastic tool for interacting with other people and companies. 
  • Lists: You can also build lists. When you add people to lists, it collects tweets from all the individuals, showing them all in one place. 
  • Communities: This is like an enhanced list. Communities can be open to the public, so anyone can join, or closed to invites only. This reduces the size of your “Twitterverse” so you can interact with like-minded people. 
  • Twitter Circles: You can build a circle around yourself of up to 150 people. Tweets posted in the circle are private.
  • Pinning a Tweet: Pinned tweets are pinned to your profile. Your pinned tweet will always be at the top when someone goes to your account. This is a great way to introduce yourself to people visiting your platform. 
  • Threads: Threads are a set of Tweets that are connected. Threads work well for “steps” or conversational series tweets. You can also pin a thread.
  • Twitter Spaces: Twitter spaces offer an audio platform for people to record live audio while on Twitter. Your audience can listen to these recordings.  
  • Twitter Video: Twitter has recently enhanced its video options, making it similar to TikTok. 
  • Twitter Blue: Twitter Blue is the paid version of Twitter which has some other options like 1080p videos and bookmark folders. As Twitter continues to grow, Twitter Blue will likely get access to “new” features first. 

With Twitter adding new features and enhancing its older ones, it is an excellent way for a new or growing business to get seen on social media.

6 Steps to Defeating Any Challenge – Krytalore Crews

Working at your optimal performance is a big deal, which is why your health is of utmost importance. Life and fitness accelerator Krytalore Crews shares her steps to pushing through your limits and reaching your peak performance. 

Champions have clear goals and work daily to reach them. Diamonds are built under pressure. We sharpen our minds, body, and spirit through pressure. You first decide that you are going all in. It starts with mental fortitude. How can you set up your goals and be a champion? Krytalore Crews shares her free habit tracker and 6 critical steps to success. Download it at

There are 6 key steps to staying on track: 

  1. Once you commit, you realize the path is absolute. There will be ups and downs, but you accept that when you commit to the path regardless of the hardships. Preparation is key. If you are prepared, you will face fewer setbacks. 
  2. When facing a mountain or a hill on your path, charge the incline, lean in, and take small steps. Remember that what goes up must come down. And then, enjoy the way down. But don’t go too fast because you will crash and burn.
  3. Your mind will quit before your body does. You will get more done if you are mentally strong and have positive self-talk. We self-sabotage and doubt, especially when we see the mountain coming, but if you can push through the mental blocks and believe in yourself, you can charge the mountain. 
  4. Listen to your body. Negotiate with yourself. Hold yourself accountable. When you hold yourself accountable, you push yourself up the mountain even when you want to quit. Remind yourself what your WHY is, and hold yourself accountable to sticking to your WHY. 
  5. It never gets easier. You get stronger. We develop more tools, take action, reflect and grow. Keep trying new things, keep pivoting to reach your goals, and climb the mountain.
  6. Be accountable and get support. Find the people who will hold you accountable and cheer you on.