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Amazon AWS Exec Says Innovation is a Must for Business Success

When you think of businesses that have reshaped business and technology, one name tops the list — or at least gives other brands a run for their money. And that name is Amazon. In particular, for businesses that rely on web applications and hosting services, Amazon Web Services (AWS) has become a popular solution that many companies rely upon to make their businesses tick. In a candid conversation with Ben Schreiner, Head of AWS Small Business, Ramon Ray unearthed a wealth of insights, painting a picture of how AWS can propel small businesses to new heights. Let’s dive in.

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The Genesis of AWS: A Technological Revolution

Glance back to 2006, and you’ll find the roots of AWS in Amazon’s move to operate data centers at scale. This undertaking paved the way for groundbreaking technology, enabling Amazon to build the world’s most extensive global infrastructure network for which AWS is renowned today.

Central to AWS’s appeal is its disruptive pricing model, which differentiates it from conventional tech strategies. Unlike traditional fixed payments, AWS operates on a pay-as-you-go model. This flexibility empowers businesses to streamline operations by outsourcing specific functions, all while maintaining essential control.

The pay-as-you-go model has become so popular that AWS holds a 33% market share of the global cloud infrastructure. The price is right for businesses looking to leverage the power of the cloud without breaking the bank — and it isn’t only small businesses that are taking advantage. MyTechMag notes that some of the world’s most recognizable brands are utilizing AWS to solve their cloud computing challenges, among them: 

  • Airbnb: Uses AWS’s EC2 to balance site traffic, Amazon Elastic MapReduce (EMR) to process user searches, and S3 to store static and backup files along with property pictures
  • Netflix: Leverages a variety of AWS services for video transcoding, recommendation engines, and more
  • The Guardian: AWS empowers editors to analyze and review article performance using Amazon Redshift
  • Epic Games: Leveraged AWS EC2 to maintain a central database for scaling
  • Nordstrom: Utilizes common AWS products like EC2 and EMR

Resolving Data Center Dilemmas With the Cloud

A compelling reason for businesses to migrate to the cloud is the efficiency it offers. AWS’s data centers boast an efficiency level that exceeds the industry average. 

Beyond mere efficiency, AWS also rises to the challenge of enhanced cybersecurity for businesses and their customers. Operating under a shared responsibility model, AWS shields businesses from threats while adhering to the stringent standards demanded by the world’s most discerning organizations.

Technology as the Keystone of Every Industry

Today, technology is the lifeblood of businesses across the spectrum. Whether it’s managing waste disposal, practicing dentistry, or orchestrating construction projects, technology is the underpinning force. This trend underscores the need for businesses to leverage technology effectively to stay competitive. 

In part, that means choosing the right technology partner that can help a business navigate emerging tech trends. Organizations have the option to either manage applications in-house or opt for a multi-provider approach. 

As technology evolves, businesses must also cater to a clientele with evolving expectations for the customer experience. It’s crucial to skillfully employ different tech tools to meet customers’ expectations and stay ahead of the competition.

Innovation at the Core

At the heart of AWS lies innovation, rooted in experimentation. AWS encourages businesses to explore, innovate, and learn from their experiments. 

A focal point of Amazon’s innovation endeavors is generative artificial intelligence (AI), a technology that holds transformative potential for businesses of all kinds. The customer-centric approach, combined with the power of AI, empowers AWS to develop solutions that resonate with businesses across sectors.

Data Science and the Power of Data

AWS’s arsenal of services extends beyond storage and computing, encompassing data science, analytics, and more. Emerging tools like SageMaker Studio democratize machine learning and AI development, rendering complex tasks accessible to businesses with varying degrees of expertise. 

AWS is not merely a service provider, however; it’s an ally in business growth. Among the prime concerns of businesses seeking AWS’s aid are cost efficiency and operational efficacy. AWS enables businesses to scale up or down in response to fluctuating demands, providing greater control over costs.

Leveraging data, businesses can derive insights that fuel informed decisions. For instance, ADP employs data services on AWS to glean valuable migration patterns. This illustrates the diverse ways data can be harnessed for strategic advantage.


As we glean insights from Ben Schreiner’s expertise, it’s evident that AWS transcends being a mere service provider; it’s an enabler of small business success. The combination of innovation, flexibility, and security positions AWS as a catalyst for businesses eager to carve their path in an ever-changing market. 

To learn more about the transformative potential of AWS, keep up with Ben Schreiner on LinkedIn and start supercharging your small business success.

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