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Living Healthy Leads to Happiness

Many small business owners often wonder how to be happier. A common misconception is that making more money will lead to increased happiness. However, although money contributes to your overall life satisfaction, other factors that contribute to happiness include living healthily.

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Man recovering from trauma with hands on his chin

How to Let Go & Heal From Past Trauma

An estimated 60% of adults in the U.S. have experienced at least one traumatic event in their lifetime. That means that as many as 120 million American adults are currently dealing with the effects of trauma.

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Five Reasons Why Mindset Is Everything - Zone of Genius

Five Reasons Why Mindset Is Everything

Most motivational speakers emphasize reasons why mindset is everything. But is mindset really everything?  The short answer is yes. Mindset is everything. Mindset influences everything we do and how we view and interpret life’s events. Outline: Types of Mindset | Five Reasons Why Mindset Is Everything | Developing a More

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