Blackish TV Star Anthony Anderson’s 11 Power tips for Life and Business

For many, Anthony Anderson is a familiar face. The star of the hit TV show ‘Blackish’ and an executive producer, Anderson has won the hearts of millions with his talent, authenticity, and resilience. But beyond the lights, camera, and action, he is also a source of immense wisdom. Drawing from his life experiences, Anderson has shared numerous invaluable lessons that we all can learn from.

  1. Choices Define Paths:

“Many of my friends aren’t with me today because of the decisions I made.”

Every decision we make in life leads us down a particular path. Anderson’s choices kept him on a trajectory to success, even if that meant parting ways with old friends.

  1. The Company that Protects Your Dreams:

“Some of my friends didn’t let me participate in what they were doing because they knew it would not take me to the goals I wanted.”

True friends look out for your best interests. Sometimes, that means shielding you from things that could steer you away from your aspirations.

  1. Belief is a Two-Way Street:

“People believed in me, as much as I believed in myself. But they didn’t believe in their dreams.”

To succeed, you need to believe in yourself. And sometimes, that belief will be fortified by those around you. But it’s essential also to recognize when those same people might not have the confidence in their own dreams.

  1. Gift over Glamour:

“I never wanted to be a star or have the accolades. I’ve been blessed with a gift, not just a talent – to entertain.”

Chase passion, not fame. Anderson emphasizes the difference between inherent gifts and mere talent. A genuine desire to entertain and connect has always been his drive.

  1. Breaking the Mold:

“Not wanting to be typecast. To be the fat funny dude. Anthony Anderson didn’t want to be siloed.”

In any industry, it’s easy to get boxed into a particular role or perception. Anderson’s resistance to being typecast showcases the importance of constantly evolving and challenging expectations.

  1. Create Your Path:

“When you don’t get the opportunities you have to CREATE the opportunities.”

Anderson’s career trajectory underscores the importance of being proactive. If doors don’t open, build new ones.

  1. Mastering the Self:

“I’m a jack of all trades and master of self.”

In the diverse world of entertainment, while it’s beneficial to have various skills, understanding and mastering oneself is paramount.

  1. Authenticity in All Spheres:

“Anthony Anderson advice for being authentic in a corporate life. Create opportunities where there is no opportunity.”

Be it Hollywood or a corporate office; the principle remains the same. Authenticity will always find its place, and sometimes you have to pave the way for it. Sometimes, maybe often times you have to create your own opportunities. Or said other, make your own table, when you’re not given a seat at the table.

  1. Mental Health Matters:

“It’s ok to not be ok. Re Mental illness, get help.”

Anderson highlights a crucial message, especially in an era where mental health is often sidelined. Acceptance and seeking assistance is a sign of strength, not weakness.

  1. Being There Matters:

“Advice for Black men raising black daughters – be available.”

The significance of presence, especially in parenting, is immeasurable. Availability goes beyond physical presence; it’s emotional, mental, and spiritual too.

  1. Growth is Audience-Dependent:

“Content is content, make content for your audience. You can only grow as big as your audience will allow.”

In the entertainment industry, or any content-driven field, the audience determines growth. They are the metric, the feedback, and the motivation.

In conclusion, Anthony Anderson is not just an actor but a philosopher of sorts. His journey through life, both professionally and personally, offers wisdom we can all resonate with. Embracing challenges, believing in oneself, and prioritizing mental health are not just mantras but essential lessons for a fulfilling life.

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