15 AI Tools for Small Business Owners To Check Out

I use Chat GPT just about every day. Often several times a day. It’s fast and easy to use. However, WSJ had an extensive comparison of other tools that are just as good as or better than Chat GPT, depending on what you’re doing to do with it. Other popular AI tools include Claude, Perplexity, Gemini (by Google), CoPilot (by Microsoft).

CoPilot is built into the Microsoft Edge browser and possibly other Microsoft tools. It also plays a central role in Microsoft Bing search results. Gemini, by Google is the same. It’s playing an increasing role in Google’s world. Claude and Perplexity and Chat GPT are all independent tools of much smaller companies.

All these tools offer similar features but some of them do better than others, as you’ll see in the WSJ comparision article.

Many of the tools you’re using now, are increasingly incorporating AI into their services.

1. Claude: The Versatile Assistant

Claude, developed by Anthropic, is a state-of-the-art AI assistant designed to help businesses with a range of tasks. From drafting emails to generating detailed reports, Claude’s natural language processing capabilities are top-notch. Small business owners can use Claude to streamline communication, automate customer support, and even assist in creative brainstorming sessions.

2. ChatGPT: Your AI Writing Partner

OpenAI’s ChatGPT is a powerful generative AI tool that excels in content creation. Whether you need to write blog posts, social media content, or detailed product descriptions, ChatGPT can handle it all. Its ability to understand context and generate coherent, engaging content makes it an invaluable asset for small businesses looking to maintain a strong online presence.

3. Jasper: The AI Copywriter

Jasper (formerly known as Jarvis) is a popular AI tool for creating high-quality marketing content. It can generate persuasive copy for ads, emails, websites, and more. Jasper’s templates and customization options make it easy to produce content that aligns with your brand voice, ensuring consistent and compelling messaging across all platforms.

4. Simplifying Content Creation is another excellent tool for generating marketing content. It offers a variety of templates for different content types, including social media posts, blog ideas, and email campaigns.’s user-friendly interface and quick turnaround make it a favorite among small business owners who need to produce content efficiently.

5. SurferSEO: Optimizing Content for Search Engines

SurferSEO combines the power of AI with SEO expertise to help businesses create content that ranks well on search engines. By analyzing top-performing pages and providing actionable insights, SurferSEO ensures that your content is optimized for keywords, readability, and overall search engine performance.

6. HubSpot: Comprehensive Marketing and Sales Platform

HubSpot offers a suite of AI-powered tools designed to enhance marketing, sales, and customer service efforts. Its AI features include predictive lead scoring, email automation, and personalized content recommendations. HubSpot’s integrated approach helps small businesses manage their entire customer journey from a single platform.

7. Zoho CRM: Streamlining Sales Processes

Zoho CRM uses AI to provide sales teams with valuable insights and automation capabilities. Zia, Zoho’s AI assistant, can predict sales trends, automate routine tasks, and offer intelligent suggestions to improve customer interactions. This helps small businesses focus on closing deals and building relationships.

8. Xero: Simplifying Financial Management

Xero is a cloud-based accounting software that leverages AI to simplify financial management for small businesses. It automates invoicing, reconciles bank transactions, and provides real-time financial insights. Xero’s AI-driven features help business owners make informed financial decisions with ease.

9. QuickBooks: AI for Accounting

QuickBooks, another leading accounting software, uses AI to enhance bookkeeping efficiency. Its AI features include automated expense categorization, predictive cash flow, and smart invoicing. These tools help small business owners manage their finances more effectively, reducing the time spent on manual accounting tasks.

10. Lumen5: AI-Powered Video Creation

Lumen5 is a video creation platform that uses AI to turn text content into engaging videos. By analyzing your blog posts or articles, Lumen5 can automatically create video scripts and suggest relevant media. This is perfect for small businesses looking to expand their content marketing strategy to include videos without investing heavily in video production.

11. InVideo: Easy Video Editing

InVideo offers a user-friendly video editing platform powered by AI. It provides templates, automated editing suggestions, and a vast media library to help small business owners create professional-quality videos quickly. InVideo’s intuitive design makes it accessible even for those with no prior video editing experience.

12. Descript: Transcription and Video Editing

Descript combines transcription and video editing into a single AI-powered tool. It automatically transcribes audio and video files, making it easy to edit content by simply editing the text. Descript’s capabilities are ideal for creating polished video presentations, podcasts, and webinars.

13. Grammarly: Enhancing Writing Quality

Grammarly is an AI tool that helps improve writing quality by providing real-time grammar and style suggestions. It’s particularly useful for small business owners who want to ensure their communication is clear and professional. Grammarly’s AI can also help with tone adjustments, making your writing more engaging and appropriate for different audiences.

14. Canva: AI-Driven Graphic Design

Canva uses AI to simplify graphic design tasks, offering templates, design suggestions, and automated layout adjustments. Small business owners can create eye-catching graphics for social media, marketing materials, and presentations without needing a professional designer. Canva’s intuitive platform makes it easy to produce high-quality visuals.

15. Trello: AI for Project Management

Trello incorporates AI to enhance project management and team collaboration. Its AI features include task automation, smart card suggestions, and predictive due dates. Trello helps small business owners keep their teams organized and projects on track with minimal effort.


Generative AI tools are transforming how small businesses operate, offering solutions that enhance productivity, creativity, and efficiency. By leveraging these tools, small business owners can stay competitive and focus on what they do best: growing their business. Whether you need help with content creation, marketing, finance, or video editing, there’s an AI tool out there to meet your needs. Embrace these technologies and unlock the full potential of your small business.

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