6 People You Should Meet At Your Next Event

Attending business events is a great way to learn and network! When you’re at an event who are the people you should meet, who should you not meet. I got an email from Lamar Tyler’s Traffic, Sales and Profit, about who we should meet at their TSP Live event. It not only applies to their event but to any event. Check it out.

One way to network is to ask great connection questions.

Your new business bestie

We all know what happens when you connect that one person that gets it. Everyone needs a work bestie and yours is going to be waiting for you to say hey and start building those bonds.

Someone in your industry

Let’s get past the competition mindset. Meet someone in your industry and share what you’re doing. You can learn a lot from how someone in your arena is running their business and vice versa.

Someone in a different industry

Don’t discount what you can learn from someone in a completely different industry. You might not be providing the same service or product but business is business. Find out what’s working for them and share what’s working for you.

Someone you can partner with

Some services and products go hand in hand. Use your imagination and step into some bold conversation about how you might be able to collaborate with someone that you know your people would benefit from working with. That probably means their people would benefit from everything you have to offer too.

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Your future self

It’s hard to take the right turns when you don’t know where you’re going. Get clear on where you want to be in your business in 5 years and connect with someone that’s already there. Learn how they got there and what you can do in your business to make sure you’re making progress.

Your past self

You have goals you’re trying to hit but you’ve also got goals you’ve already surpassed. Connect with that person in the room that’s where you were 1, 5, or 10 years ago and help guide them so they can see all the amazing success you have in your business. This community is about service, and mentorship is an invaluable way to serve and make a lasting impact on our community.

Start conversations with the people you come in contact with and make those connections. You never know who is going to give you the nuggets and wisdom you need in your business.

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