6 Ways To Deliver a Great Customer Experience


Have you ever lost a valuable customer due to a poor customer experience, and wondered how you could have retained them?

Customer experience is paramount because it directly influences business growth and longevity. A positive experience not only attracts new customers but also promotes loyalty among existing ones. 

In turn, loyal customers become brand ambassadors, offering organic promotion and providing valuable feedback for business improvement. Furthermore, a memorable customer experience distinguishes a business in a competitive marketplace. 

For instance, Peacock NBC’s decision to eliminate commercials during NFL games’ 4th quarter exemplifies a strategy geared towards enhancing customer satisfaction, thereby fueling engagement and customer retention.

In this post, we will determine how sacrificing short-term revenue can turn into long-term income and ways small business owners can deliver a great customer experience. 

What is Customer Experience?

Customer Experience (CX) is the total journey of a customer’s interactions with a brand. It includes everything from the initial point of contact, through the process of engagement, up to long-term relationships. CX is a holistic perception a customer has about a brand, influenced by every single interaction they have with it, including their experience with products or services, customer service, advertising, and even social media conversation.

CX is not limited to just the buying process; it includes every touchpoint where a customer interacts with the brand. This could be through browsing a website, reading an email newsletter, or interacting with customer service. The goal of effective CX is to make each of these touchpoints as positive and seamless as possible, to create a consistent and satisfying experience for the customer.

Moreover, customer experience is intrinsically linked with customer loyalty. Customers who are satisfied with their experience are likely to return and make repeat purchases. They are also more likely to recommend the brand to their network, acting as brand evangelists. According to a survey by Yotpo, nearly 60% of consumers who described themselves as ‘brand loyal’ said they had referred others to their favored brands.

Investing in customer experience does not only increase customer satisfaction but also boosts customer retention, referrals, and ultimately, revenue.

Sacrificing Short-Term Revenue for Long-Term Income

While the idea of sacrificing short-term revenue may seem counterintuitive, it can be a strategic move to ensure long-term income and sustainability. This decision revolves around the concept of customer value. 

When businesses prioritize customer satisfaction over immediate profits, they create a more profound and enduring relationship with their customers. This strategy can lead to increased customer loyalty, greater customer lifetime value, and the generation of positive word-of-mouth. Peacock NBC’s move to eliminate commercials during the 4th quarter of NFL games is a prime example. 

Although this tactic may result in a temporary loss of advertising revenue, the enhanced viewer experience could lead to higher viewer retention, more subscriptions, and ultimately, increased long-term revenue. This underscores the importance of businesses investing in customer experience, even at the cost of short-term profit.

Simple Ways Small Business Owners Can Deliver a Great Customer Experience

  1. Personalize the Experience: Small businesses have the unique advantage of forming personal relationships with customers. Taking the time to learn and remember customers’ names, preferences, and needs can greatly enhance their experience.
  2. Ensure High-Quality Service: Consistently offering high-quality products or services is a sure way to satisfy customers. This includes reducing errors and ensuring reliability in your offerings.
  3. Quick and Effective Communication: Respond to customer inquiries and complaints promptly. Open, honest, and clear communication builds trust and shows customers that their feedback is valued.
  4. Create a Welcoming Atmosphere: A friendly and welcoming environment can make customers feel valued and appreciated. This can be achieved through simple gestures like greeting customers warmly when they enter your store.
  5. Solicit and Implement Feedback: Regularly ask for feedback from customers and show them that their suggestions are taken seriously. Not only does this show customers that their opinions matter, but it can also help you to identify areas for improvement.
  6. Reward Loyalty: Implement loyalty programs to reward repeat customers. This can encourage continued business and promote customer loyalty.

As with the Peacock NBC example, sometimes it might mean foregoing short-term profits to enhance the customer experience. However, the resulting increase in customer loyalty and satisfaction will likely yield long-term benefits and sustainable growth.

Wrapping Up

The strategic focus on customer experience, as demonstrated by Peacock NBC, is a testament to the transformative power of CX in driving business success. Prioritizing customer satisfaction, even at the expense of short-term gains, can foster deeper customer relationships, enhance brand loyalty, and result in sustainable long-term business growth.

While the path to delivering exceptional customer experience varies across businesses, the underlying principle remains universal: when businesses listen to their customers and put their needs first, they create a virtuous cycle of improved customer experience leading to increased business success.

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