For Business Experts Who Are Ready to get more
VISIBLITY and ATTENTION for their brand!

Ramon's LIVE Build Your Brand Better Workshop is for you. Practical tips and Proven strategies that work.

build your brand better workshop

Stop Wasting Time

This LIVE and ONLINE workshop is your opportunity to stop wasting time and get the HELP you need to take your BRAND and BUSINESS to the next level.

Proven Expertise

Ramon is a proven expert in event production and marketing, podcast creation and marketing, blog creation and marketing and more. He's going to work with YOU to help YOUR brand get to the next level.

Hear's What Others Say...

I took Ramon's course, and I even re-watched it. I took notes. At my next event I did what Ramon said and it got me featured on CNBC, and more - Shonitta Leslie, Noir in Color


Topics Covered

Your Questions Answered

No, no, no and no! This is NOT your typical "webinar" where the webinar host talks endlessly at you. YES, this is HIGHLY interactive. You are encouraged to ask the questions that will HELP YOUR BUSINESS in YOUR SITUATION.

Mindset for Success

This workshop is NOT just about tactics and strategies. Why? Without the RIGHT MINDSET for success you won't be a success. While, we won't get all "woo-woo" we will touch on the MINDSET you need to succeed in business, overall. A truly successful business, you can't just "IG Live" your way to success.

Stop The Confusion

Many business owners are confused. TikTok is going away (or is it?). AI is all the rage. Short form video is HOT. But then, what about long podcasts? It can be VERY VERY confusing. If you want to STOP THE CONFUSION (or at least reduce it) this workshop is for you.

Ramon Ray

Why Ramon?

Ramon is a PROVEN expert in helping business experts get to the next-level in their brand. He's helped to UNLOCK the confusion and worry for thousands of business owners around the globe and he can help you too.

When Is It and How to Register

Thursday, 9 May, 6pm - 10pm EST

Friday, 10 May, 2pm - 6pm EST

What's the Value?

I'm not afraid of numbers, so let's dive in.

Air ticket conference ($497) +
Secure a hotel ($838) (2 days) +
Pay for food ($137)+ (2 days) +
Event Ticket cost for event ($387) +
Time away from your family (hmmm) +
Value of ONE tip for your business ($3,071) +
Value of SECOND tip for your business ($2,847) +

TOTAL VALUE - $7,777 plus.

Actual Investment For You - $500

Hear's What Others Say...

Ramon Ray is the real deal... He has all the experience and knowledge you need to build your brand. Not too mention, he knows everyone. Well worth your time! Clint Riding, Local Boost SEO