Apply for the Entrepreneurs Awards

Thursday, April 18, 2024

Application Deadline 31 Jan 2024

The Entrepreneurs Conference and Awards, is a celebration and recognition of entrepreneurs thriving in their zone of genius.

Produced and hosted by Ramon Ray, and headlined by Seth Godin, this event is a special gathering of leaders, non-conformists, box breakers and risk takers.

The event brings together a curated gathering of business owners, authors, entrepreneurs, investors, non-profit leaders, and educators – all in support of entrepreneurship.

Why Apply?

Recognition You Deserve

Be recognized by your peers and others in and outside of your industry for the entrepreneur and business owner you are. You’re already successful. This distinction, affirms that success. Be recognized for what you deserve.

Visibility and Media Exposure

All honors will be featured on, featured throughout Ramon Ray’s large social channels, interviewed on Breakfast with Champions and opportunities for additional coverage. In addition you should use this exposure for your own media and communities.

Seal of Approval

By winning this award you will earn the right to use the “ Entrepreneur Award” distinction in your marketing and personal brand.

How it Works

  1. The awards are open to all business owners or entrepreneurs.
  2. Qualifying applicants are thriving in their zone of genius and are shining examples of entrepreneurial success, how you do define your success
  3. Nomination categories include – Leadership, Community, Innovation, Creator, Business, Champion, and Best Brand for Entrepreneurs
  4. Applications are reviewed for completeness and eligibility, and overall a fit for the awards criteria
  5. Application criteria includes but is not limited to:
    1. Your success as an overall entrepreneur as illustrated by your application
    2. Alignment with the category you are applying for
    3. Review of the recommendations in support of your application

Nomination (Nov 2023 - Jan 2024)

  1. Once your application has qualified as a nominee for the Entrepreneurs Awards you will be notififed.
  2. You or someone else, may nominate you for multiple categories
  3. The award process, from nominee to winner is comprised of judges voting based on your application
  4. The award process is also influenced by and based on voting and input from your community
  5. There may be 1 or more community choice awards based on popular vote

Honorees and Winners

  • The winners of the Entrepreneur Awards will be awarded live in NYC at the conference on April 19th, on stage.
  • This process is subject to change and modifications as we seek to continuously serve our community.

Award Categories


You shine as a leader to your team. Your team clearly recognizes you as an exceptional leader who seeks to develop other leaders, mentor, give constructive feedback, is humble and confident, and pro actively seeks to empower others. You seek to help others succeed. You delegate and help others perform at their very best.


You are committed to making the world a better place by aggressively improving your community. You are very active in giving back to your community (time, money or otherwise). You can show clear evidence of how you’re helping to uplift your community.


You have been able to innovate and use this innovation as a competitive differentiation for success.


You are leveraging content creation (podcasts, books blogs, video or etc) to succeed as an entrepreneur


You’ve been able to unlock the levers of success in your business. This success has resulted in your business being profitable, enabling you to generously pay yourself and your team. Your business is a smooth running machine and is an example of using business as a tool to live the life you want.


You have overcome incredible odds stacked against you. You are still on a journey of success and all is not perfect. But you have used the obstacles against you as a stepping stone to move forward. Your mindset is one of a warrior and not a worrier. You recognize that your struggles have made you stronger. Your fears have propelled you forward. Regardless of what you have or are going through you are a champion.

Best Brand for Entrepreneurs

Are you a brand that supports entrepreneurs. Maybe it’s your products or services that are perfect for business owners. Maybe it’s your grants or other programs that make your brand extra special for entrepreneurs. This is the award for you. Entrepreneurs
Conference and Awards

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