Business team planning a marketing strategy for growth and success

3 Action Tips to Grow and Build Your Business

When we think about a business, we often think about the brick and mortar ones or our careers. Today, I invite you to think outside of the box. Whether you’re a mom, dad, wife, husband, or child, you are a business owner. You are the business owner of your life.

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A fit and happy woman resting on an exercise ball

7 Tips for Living a Fit, Healthy, and Blessed Life

Before I can begin to give you tips on how to live a fit, healthy and blessed life, we have to figure out what being fit, healthy, and blessed looks like for you.  When you hear these words, what thoughts come to mind?  I will share my thoughts and feelings about what they mean to me.  

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The Importance of Having a Creed in Your Business- Zone of Genius

The Importance of Having a Creed in Your Business

Before we talk about creating a creed for your business. Let’s begin by defining what a business creed actually is. A creed is a set of beliefs or aims which guides a person’s actions. Think of a creed as a statement articulating a person’s or business’s core values.   A business creed

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