email marketing

Is it Time To Refresh Your Email Newsletter?

Your email newsletter is a vital component of your marketing strategy. It’s a direct line to your audience, where you can share updates, tell stories, and promote your products or services. But have you ever stopped to consider whether your email newsletter is still effective? Are your open rates still

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Darrel Eves

Mega YouTuber Derral Eves on Viral Video Success

When you think about binge-worthy TV series, your mind might jump to “Game of Thrones,” “Ted Lasso,” or other popular shows. However, if you’ve been paying attention to “The Chosen,” the multi-season series based on the life of Jesus Christ, then you already understand that there’s a new kind of

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blogger - woman at computer keyboard

Blogging Is a Powerful Business Marketing Tool

Million-dollar media brands like Sports Illustrated are owned by larger media companies who are often invested in by billionaires and the like. While they might not see it as blogging for business, it is. Every business must be a content machine. What about you? What about small business owners and

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woman looking at paper - funding your business

How To Fund Your Business In A Tough Market

Not only businesses need to have funding. Many businesses can start (and grow) with cash flow from business revenue. However, some businesses are better suited for outside funding. In today’s tough market, funding can be challenging to secure. However, it’s not impossible. With research and a willingness to explore various

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stress - woman with hand on chin

9 Ways To Not Let Stress Ruin Your Business

I have seasons of more stress than others, in my business and life. But if I let “stress” control be it won’t be good for my business or my family or my life. Building and growing a business can be a stressful experience. There are countless things to think about,

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How to Successfully Market Your Business Without Social Media

Social media has taken over the world of marketing. With millions of customers using social media platforms, it has become almost impossible for businesses to thrive without an online presence. However, what if I told you that there are ways to market your business without social media? It might seem

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midjourney - man at desk with tech swirling around him

Too Much Tech and Too Little Human: Find the Right Balance

Technology is great and has changed the way we live, work, and interact with each other. From smartphones and computers to automation and artificial intelligence, the digital age has brought immense progress and innovation in almost every area of life. However, as technology advances, there is a risk that it

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tailor fitting a woman

How To Dress for Work?

Is it ok for me to wear jeans and a t-shirt? Is it too much to wear a blazer? What do you think? Dressing for work can be a challenge, especially if you are starting out in a new company. You want to fit in with the company culture but

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First Impressions Count. How are You Showing Up?

I was volunteer for a boys youth camp with my church a few weeks ago. One of my responsibilities was to judge how clean, or not, the cabins were. Some you could almost tell, before you even opened the door, if inside the cabin would be neat or not. This

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