Entrepreneurs Conference and Awards

Entrepreneurs Conference and Awards in New York City

Are you looking to network and connect with the most successful entrepreneurs in the world? Want to celebrate your success and the success of others? In April 2024, the Entrepreneurs Conference and Awards, featuring Seth Godin and Mike Michalowicz, author of Profit First takes place. This event brings together the

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woman at computer

3 Ways To Know Your Virtual Assistant Is Amazing

Over the past 20 or so years I’ve hired about 100 virtual assistants (or freelancers), or more. I’ve used these amazing professionals to build several brands, which include, and today, I’ve found that there’s a few key traits in hiring the right freelancer and in really knowing

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7 Money Experts

7 Top Money Experts You Should Follow and Learn From

Money is so important. Without it you can’t eat, have warm clothes, have a home or even buy a bowl of cereal. Every successful business owner, entrepreneur and small business needs a money expert on their team. This could be your accountant, book keeper or financial planner. However it’s beyond

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Rundown with Ramon - Alexandra Simmons - Think Like a Boss

How To Transform Your Dreams Into Reality

On a recent Rundown, Ramon spoke with Alexandra Bernard-Simmons, the CEO of Think Like A Boss, an award-winning women empowerment organization.  Alexandra quickly delved into the importance of a more holistic approach to one’s career. It’s not solely about business acumen. Instead, growth, success, and turning your dream into a

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Show Up and Be Consistent. Two Simple Keys to Success.

On a recent coaching call, Lamar Tyler , founder of Traffic, Sales and Profit, reminded us of the power of showing up and being consistent. It’s important to focus on cash flow, marketing, technology and other business principles. However, what’s also important is just the art of showing up. Part

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Don’t Start Small When Starting Your First Business

Too many times I’ve seen new business owners, starting small. I’ve seen them time and time again saying, “I’m a small business, so I’ll only invest in my business when it grows”, this is a mistake. Here’s some things that new small, business owners often don’t invest in: However, this

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