Before TikTok Is Banned and Twitter Shuts Down Do This

Social media platforms have dominated the online marketing world for many years. With millions of users each day, it’s no wonder why businesses and creators turn to these platforms for brand exposure. However, recent news suggests that some of these popular platforms may be going away. This raises a question

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Why Going Very Niche Can Lead to Big Profits

Recently I met one of the most popular photographers in Curacao in the Caribbean. He blogs on Facebook here. We chatted about the power of serving a very niche audience. Not only does this photographer focus on covering cool events in Curacao, but his content is for an audience of

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business coach

How To Hire A Business Coach To Help Your Business

Over the last few years, I’ve worked with several coaches to help me grow my business. Often times it’s not been the direct business help, but even more so the help for my mindset and personal development. As an entrepreneur or small business owner, it can be tough to juggle

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man in deep thought

Follow Your Gut Instinct and Stop Listening to Other People

Every small business owner or entrepreneur has a story to tell about how they started their own business and grew it successfully. We all have our own unique experiences, skills, and knowledge that we’ve acquired over the years. But even with our wealth of experience, we still have a tendency

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