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Several months ago, as of this writing (3 April 2022) I saw a friend of mine playing the bass guitar. He wasn’t just playing the instrument but he was singing and leading a small band in church.

As I looked at him, I realized, this guy is in his zone of genius.

He’s doing exactly what he was meant to do.

He’s absolutely happy.

He is a master of the bass (and piano, singing, guitar and drums too).

He’s passionate about music.

Yep, he’s in his zone of genius.

This got me thinking more and more about how I could share a message of hope and motivate and inspire others to be in their zone of genius.

Well this birthed, “”.

As of now, it’s a resource, published by a team of bloggers who curate the ‘best’ content on mindset, health, finance and overall personal development.

I’m an entrepreneur and I’m most in my zone of genius when I’m building companies, leading teams and on stage inspiring and entertaining audiences. I help business owners grow successful businesses OR I’m hosting and emcee large events as well.

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Ramon Ray, founder,